Key questions for choosing an influencer marketing tool

Influencer marketing software has made an astonishing breakthrough in the world of marketing as an essential tool for decision making. In a sector in which data and numbers rule the roost, this type of software provides brands with sufficient information to implement successful strategies when designing a campaign. So, now that using these tools has become the norm in influencer marketing, the question is, which one should you choose? Does each ...

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Why do you need a tool to manage your community of influencers?

Do you work with a big community of influencers? Are you finding it increasingly more difficult to manage all of their campaign actions? That’s completely normal. With marketing campaigns, there’s always a million things to do at once and you may not have the time to do things the way you’d like. For that very reason, managing your community of influencers should take up as little of your time as possible. ...

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The current state of influencer marketing

The evolution of influencer marketing over the past few years is undeniable. This marketing trend has gone from being simple PR actions to big advertising campaigns which are gaining more and more prominence. In order to explain this evolution and the current state of influencer marketing, we need to take a look at the companies and brands that have collaborated with influencers. We’re currently witnessing the integral professionalisation of this sector. We’ve ...

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Campaña con influencer de moda

Madrid Fashion Week, a space for fashion and influencers

Hannibal Laguna, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Roberto Torreta… these are just a few of the Spanish fashion designers who showed off their creations to the world during Madrid fashion week. But, they weren’t the only ones doing some product promotion during this event. Over the years, the Mercedes-Benz Madrid Fashion Week has become the ideal space for brands and influencers to carry out marketing campaigns to attract followers to the ...

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Trabajar con influencers tiene sus detalles y pecularidades

Myths and truths about working with influencers: what you should expect

Brands that are thinking about working with influencers are often plagued with worries and doubts. Despite hearing about how effective influencer marketing can be and how it can achieve great results, they’re often not sure what to expect with this communication strategy. The influencer profession is relatively new. If you add to that the fact that the concept of an influencer has primarily grown around social networks such as Instagram, where ...

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Cómo hacer Instagram Influencer Marketing

Tips for developing an Influencer Marketing campaign

When it comes to promoting a brand’s image, more and more companies are turning to Influencer Marketing campaigns. These types of strategies are less expensive than traditional advertising and not as invasive, since they’re about creating content that is of interest to the target audience and don’t tend to be seen as commercial actions, meaning the audience are much more receptive. Amongst all of the social networks, Instagram seems to have ...

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campañas de influencers

Influencers: festival-goers with Brugal Rum this summer

Summer isn’t complete without a festival and a festival isn’t complete without a marketing campaign by an alcohol brand. Music festivals are the perfect place for alcohol brands to carry out campaigns with influencers and impact their audience on social networks. So, which was the latest brand to fill our Instagram feed with their campaign this summer? Brugal Rum with their campaign #FestivaleandoConBrugal (in English, #FestivalingWithBrugal). Influencers like  @angynas, @gominuke, @holajulen, ...

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B2B influencer marketing es distinto al 'marketing de influencers' tradicional

What is B2B Influencer Marketing and how to know if it will work for you

The concept of an influencer is, by now, very well-known. What started off as a novel approach in the world of marketing is now a fully established and effective form of advertising, if done well. Every day on social networks, we see influential people collaborating with brands through their publications and sharing content with their followers, but in the majority of cases, these campaigns are focused towards the final consumer. So, what ...

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Como se mide el roi

How is ROI measured in influencer marketing?

One of the most important ratios to measure in influencer marketing campaigns is the ROI, “Return On Investment”. Sounds simple, right? The question is, why do we use this in influencer marketing? ROI serves as a principal indicator of campaign performance when measuring and evaluating results. Campaigns that have revenue related objectives must take into consideration the brand conversion funnel and the total impact of the campaign. In other words, all the ...

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Ordenador y libros


At a glance, an influencer with a high number of followers may appear promising, but what if 90% of their followers are bots or fake or inactive profiles? Or what if they’re real, but they follow millions of other accounts which saturate their feed, meaning your content goes by unnoticed? A high number of followers can be a significant metric, but it’s often not very effective when trying to reach certain social ...

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