Instagram Shopping, ¿cómo funciona?

Instagram Shopping, How does it work?

The digital acceleration driven this past year has pushed brands to be even more innovative in their use of social media. Bringing real-life shopping into an online space is one of the areas where we have seen great innovation in the last year. Sometimes we are not aware that behind so many users on Instagram there is an opportunity for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Instagram's new feature, Instagram Shopping.  The United States and ...

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Clubhouse, the new fashionable social network

This hot app, which goes by the name of Clubhouse is taking social networking to its next level by letting people drop into the conversation of other people.  This part conference, part talkback, and part audio chatting app allow the people to listen to the discussions, interviews, and conversations of interesting people on a variety of interesting topics. Thus, it is just like tuning to the podcast but with certain exclusivity, ...

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Top 10 Influencers Foodies de Instagram en Estados Unidos

The Top 10 Instagram Foodie Influencers in the US

As we already know, social media is used to showcase our daily life, and it’s precisely that natural, bare-all, #nofilter element which grabs users’ attention, whether that be your likes and dislikes, your experiences, hobbies, etc. These days, we have so many platforms on which to do that, but Instagram is still top dog due to its ability to give you what you want, when you want it and in any ...

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Get To Know Pinterest And Its Trends In 2021

Get To Know Pinterest And Its Trends In 2021

Pinterest was launched in January 2010 and since then (more than 11 years), it has tremendously grown. It has become one of the favorite social networks for brands, influencers as well as users. Social media is the key for companies that intend to strengthen their customer relations in an attractive way. For companies the use of social media has multiple advantages. Pinterest can be one of those social networks. And ...

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Las novedades de YouTube en 2021

What’s new on YouTube in 2021

YouTube is the second website that people all over the world visit the most, right after Google. The video platform is also second in the list of social platforms used most across the world. YouTube sees a massive media consumption of billion hours of video on a daily basis, worldwide. The range in content variety and the ease of content creation make YouTube one of the most-preferred video platforms for content ...

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Centennials: Una guía completa de marketing para la próxima generación

Centennials: A comprehensive guide on marketing for the upcoming generation

Brands all over the world are waking up to centennials. Still unfamiliar with the term “centennial”? It’s time you learnt what it meant. Afterall, centennials are about to become the largest demographic in the world in a matter of years. Centennials: The next generation Who are centennials? “Centennials” is the newest identifier for the generation superseding the millennial generation.These are youngsters who are currently underage or in their young adulthood. Born after ...

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El poder de los nano influencers en 2021

The Power Of Nano Influencers In 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the shutdown of several local businesses. However, those who have survived the onslaught have to face several challenges even now. As face-to-face engagements and live events suffer a slowdown, several businesses had to face a wake-up call. Last year pushed different sizes and types of businesses to engage in different digital solutions. After all, various forms of activities including participating in birthday bashes and attending ...

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Influencers virtuales, la nueva tendencia en redes sociales

Virtual influencers, the new trend in social networks

Storytelling is the divine art of conveying anecdotes and connecting people with meanings. Story-telling and fiction have always dictated the thought of the masses. The world has transitioned through many forms of storytelling. Mass media and advertisement emerged from traditional story-telling.  This further progressed to the internet and social media. Social Media networks reached far-fetched remote areas. Social networks led to the emergence of influencer marketing. The latest addition to ...

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¿Cómo funciona el nuevo algoritmo de Instagram?

How Instagram’s New Algorithm Works?

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app. Today, it has diversified into a different purposes social media network so that users can discover all content relevant to them posted. These include new services, entertainment, and products. Marketers have to be serious about marketing their Instagram business and reach a wider audience based on their desires and requirements. They should select the right pages on Instagram so that their idle ...

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Embajadores de marca vs patrocinadores

Brand Ambassador Vs Sponsor

Brand ambassadors and sponsors are part of a marketing strategy called influencer marketing. The goals of influencer marketing range from building brand awareness to creating engagement and create value for the brand they associate themselves with. The influencer marketing platform has a wide range of members, including influencers, bloggers, brand ambassadors and brand advocates. Another key component of influencer marketing is that of influencer technology. This technology delivers data and insights ...

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