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The Influencity Advantage

Step up your Influencer Marketing game with Influencity supporting you every step of the way.

Crush Your Influencer Marketing Goals

We’ll give you the tools you need to stay on track and informed, empowering you to make the best moves.

Flexibility Access Key Resources Without Getting Locked In

We won’t make you sign contracts at Influencity because we believe you’ll stay for the value we offer.

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Usability Get User-Friendly Tools for Your Whole Team

Access the most easy-to-use platform on the market — fully customizable to fit the needs of your brand.

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Support Backed by a Passionate Team of Experts

Our team is committed to helping you grow by offering the innovative Influencer Marketing tools you need.

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Created by Experts, Valued by Professionals

Influencity is proud to be a leading influencer marketing software. But don't simply take our word for it – explore how industry leaders worldwide acknowledge and trust our solution.

The Influencity Difference

Created by experts, valued by professionals. Influencity was named G2’s Best Influencer Marketing Platform for a reason, and our numbers tell the story.
200 million
Browse & Curate Influencer profiles with diverse appeal
4.6 out of 5
An Industry Favorite Based on hundreds of G2 reviews
2000 Brands & agencies
Worldwide Reach Companies we've helped with our solution
9.4 out of 10
Easy to Use Usability rating from our customers

Influencer Platform vs. Typical Solution

Learn why we aren’t a marketplace or a basic database — we’re something more. Influencity provides the end-to-end tools you need to work efficiently as a professional.


Analytics for 200 million profiles worldwide.

Specifically made to streamline and organize Influencer Marketing strategies.

Valuable data you won’t find listed on social networks.

Recruitment features and e-commerce integrations all in one central hub.

Flexible pricing for any business and try-before-you-buy options.

The Industry Norm

Limited pool of on-platform influencers.

One-size-fits-all tools with no options for customization.

Insights you can find on social networks yourself.

No real value beyond search and analysis, resulting in platform hopping and lost data.

Opaque pricing with no trial option.

Streamline Influencer Marketing with a Powerful Data-Driven Platform

Are you ready to learn more about what Influencity can do for you? Start exploring with a free trial or get a demo from our team of experts!