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Manual influencer analysis is hard work. You have to contact influencers, explain your collab, and request stats. With Influencity, you receive on-demand insights into audience demographics, brand affinity, fake followers, performance metrics, and much more.

So Many Tools to Save Time and Boost Results

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Discover new influencers that work for you, faster


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Create seeding campaigns at scale with our Shopify integration

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Effectively track and measure the impact of your campaigns

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Created by Experts, Valued by Professionals

Influencity is proud to be a leading influencer marketing software. But don't simply take our word for it – explore how industry leaders worldwide acknowledge and trust our solution.

Look at What Influencity Users Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it; listen to the current buzz around Influencity tools! Our clients are huge fans.


Ana H. Influencer Marketing Manager, Small Company


"A great toolset for influencer follow up and reporting."


Serge S. Associate Director, Enterprise

"I would highly recommend Influencity for any business dealing with influencers."


Alfredo D. Head of Social Media, Mid-Market


"A fundamental tool for the planning and management of influencer marketing campaigns."


Daniela G. Digital Marketing Manager, Mid-Market


"An excellent tool to work with influencers."

Streamline Influencer Marketing with a Powerful Data-Driven Platform

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