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E-Commerce Influencer Marketing Solutions to Boost Sales

Effective e-commerce influencer marketing relies on delivering impactful content to the right followers. Our tools help your e-commerce brand reach the audience you need with data-driven influencer seeding campaigns.

Innovating Across All Industries

Companies of all sizes seek out influencer collaborations that can provide a lasting ROI. Check out some of the e-commerce brands that use our platform to manage the full life cycle of their influencer marketing campaigns.

E-Commerce Influencer Marketing that Scales as You Grow

Choose tools that will help you streamline influencer seeding tasks, put your products in front of the right audience, and increase e-commerce sales.

Product Showcasing Shopify Integrations for Better Seeding Campaigns

Our Shopify integration brings the power of an influencer marketing platform to your existing online store, giving you the data to select the influencers who will make your products shine. 

Find Influencers
Brand Reputation Get the Right Audiences Familiar With Your Brand

Influencers can help you build trust by presenting your e-commerce products to an audience they’ve already connected with and that value their recommendations.

Analyze Influencers
Increase Sales Bring in More Traffic and Boost Sales

Create multiple audience discount codes in a flash and share them with your influencers, identifying the creators who are most effective at converting followers into clients.

Seeding Campaigns

More Solutions for E-Commerce

Increase reach with data-driven seeding campaigns


Influencer Seeding Made Simple

  • A data-driven approach to influencer seeding increases the likelihood of creators connecting with and posting about your brand.
  • Influencer-generated content gets you closer to your target audience.
  • Shopify integrations offer complete oversight for e-commerce brands, meaning better results and less wasted product. 
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Streamline Influencer Marketing with a Powerful Data-Driven Platform

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