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8 min read | September 15, 2018

Influencers are erasing it all on Instagram with Maybelline

By now, we’re used to seeing our Instagram feeds and youtube full to the brim with videos of influencers collaborating with brands for new product launches. But, what about with products that are already on the market?

#LoBorraTodo (in English, #EraseItAll) is a new campaign by Maybelline which demonstrates that influencer marketing campaigns are not just effective for launching new products, but also for reminding customers of a product’s existence and, of course, its effectiveness.

The protagonist of this particular campaign is a concealer that erases imperfections (hence the campaign hashtag) and, as we can see in the publications, it also has hydrating properties.

Results from hashtag search: #loborratodo

Results from #LoBorraTodo campaign

If we analyse the results obtained with Influencity’s software, we can safely say that the campaign achieved the goals set by Maybelline Spain.

As we can see from the highest performing publications, #LoBorraTodo had a total Earned Media of 20,000$ on Instagram, impacted almost 2,000,000 people and had a 7% engagement rate. Furthermore, the majority of the impacted public were women (73.3%) between 24 and 35 years olds. In other words, the campaign was a complete success.

Results from the combination of 6 publications by Raquel Ibañez, Miriam Giovanelli, Aretha Fuste, Anna Padilla, Ariadna Tapia and Ali Alameda.

Which was the campaign’s most successful post?

If we search for the campaign hashtag on Instagram, we can see more than 50 publications. But, which of these posts was the most successful?

Results obtained with Influencity’s software

Let’s take a look at the campaign’s 2 most successful posts:

In first place with the best post is, without a doubt, @raquelreitx.

On the 30th of June, she uploaded two photos demonstrating the results before and after using the product, so that her audience could see just how well the product works. Her post achieved more than $11,000.45 Earned Media, almost 60,000 interactions and a total engagement rate of 14.56%.

Results obtained from @raquelretix’s post via Influencity’s software

In second place is actress @miriamgiovanelli who, despite having a greater social reach than @raquelreitx, had a much smaller engagement rate of 3.67%.

Results obtained from @miriamgiovanelli’s post via Influencity’s software

All in all, Maybelline’s campaign achieved great results, thanks to the content published with the hashtag #LoBorraTodo and the genre of photos used, which successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of Maybelline’s concealer.

If you want to jump on the bandwagon and launch your own campaign with influencers from your sector, get in touch and we’ll take care of the rest.

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