how to market your business on social media

How to market your business on social media: 10 tips that can help you sell more

If you own a small business or work as a marketing specialist at one, then you may be new to social media marketing. You are probably likely to also have a limited budget to spend on online platforms. These can both be obstacles when it comes to building your presence and getting your name out there. To help you out, in this article we’ll go through how to market your ...

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Influencer tracking: How to measure the performance of influencers and analyze their audience

Collaborating with an influencer can be one of the most effective ways to market your brand or product, especially if you are targeting a younger audience. An influencer can help you reach a larger audience and build trust and credibility in your business. However, getting an influencer to promote your campaign is only half the battle. You also need to make sure you measure their results to ensure the proper ...

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influencer database

Influencer database: How to find influencers and start building yours

Finding effective and trustworthy influencers is no picnic. You need to find someone with the right audience, who’s on the right platforms, and whose brand values align with your own. This is often easier said than done, especially if you are new to the world of influencers. One solution that can set you off on the right path is using an influencer database.  An influence database can drastically reduce the time ...

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tik tok influencer marketing

TikTok influencer marketing: Why you should build your TikTok strategy today

TikTok influencer marketing can be a great way to raise brand awareness. Aside from the fact that TikTok’s audience is growing every day, the platform’s unique algorithm makes it much easier to target your audience and go viral on a budget, provided the content you post appeals to your niche market. And if you decide to collaborate with a TikTok influencer, then your reach can increase dramatically, helping you get ...

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Cuáles son los KPI Social Media más importantes

Social media KPIs to keep a close eye on

Launching marketing actions on social media can be very beneficial for establishing valuable relationships with your target audience, but can also be extremely useful for increasing sales, boosting social reach and improving your ROI. A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a reliable indicator of a campaign’s performance. Nowadays, it’s possible to quantify and measure hundreds of different types of social media data, but it’s important to make note of which data ...

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Tendencias del influencer marketing en 2021

How to go viral with influencers

Viral marketing has quickly become one of the most sought-after strategies for commercial success - and what brand wouldn’t like to go viral on social media? The main difference with these types of campaigns is that social media users are the ones who share campaigns on their profiles, instead of influencers. But, to achieve this, it’s not as easy as it seems. In this article, we’re going to take a ...

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Ordenador y libros


At a glance, an influencer with a high number of followers may appear promising, but what if 90% of their followers are bots or fake or inactive profiles? Or what if they’re real, but they follow millions of other accounts which saturate their feed, meaning your content goes by unnoticed? A high number of followers can be a significant metric, but it’s often not very effective when trying to reach certain social ...

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Apuntes objetivo

Objectives: the starting point of any Influencer Marketing campaign

Albert Einstein once said, “If you want different results, do not do the same things.” And he wasn’t wrong. There are many different factors that affect how an Influencer Marketing campaign functions, but creating a strategy based on a set objective is without a doubt a fundamental and essential step that very marketer should take. In fact, the smaller the number of objectives and the more concrete they are, the more ...

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Movil con red social en times square

Which social network is best for achieving your objectives?

Determining your objectives is the starting point of any influencer marketing campaign; it’s key if you want your campaign to be a success and will also help you determine which social network is the best fit for your campaign needs. Nowadays, the four most popular social networks are Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. In order to determine which is best for your influencer marketing campaign, you’ll need to take a close ...

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Fotografia fiesta Ballantines

Ballantine’s Valentine’s day campaign: #SanBallantines – Influencity Blog

Once again, well-known whisky brand, Ballantine’s, launched a special campaign for all the singletons this Valentine’s day. Thought you were going to be home alone on Valentine’s day, just because you’re single? Think again! Ballentine’s put together an irresistible plan for you and your friends! In this article, we’re going to explain how this campaign managed to become a Trending Topic on Twitter. (Foto de Tendencias en el 14 de Febrero)   (Trending Topic ...

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