TikTok for business, la nueva herramienta de marketing en TikTok

TikTok for business, the new marketing tool available for TikTok

Nowadays, digital world is changing faster and faster every day and an example of this growth can be noticed precisely in video posts, which has quickly become all ages favorite way of posting on social media. This is shown precisely on a certain social network, in which teens express their creativity to the fullest creating and consuming new video formats. We are talking about TikTok, formerly know as Musical.ly, an ...

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Influencer marketing in the time of Coronavirus

With an eye on both economic and social changes in the time of Coronavirus, we are now realizing we are facing the beginning of a great global change, and even though social distancing and confinement are completely necessary to protect society, it is important to see the opportunities this is giving us from a positive perspective.  At the moment, traffic in social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin has grown. ...

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Que es el influencer engagement y cómo se mide

Influencer engagement: what is it and how do I work it out?

In digital marketing, the engagement rate refers to the level of “commitment” between an online audience with a brand or a person. It’s extremely valuable and intangible insight for companies nowadays, which must opt for values and practices to make their audience fall in love with their brand and therefore become loyal customers. When we talk about an influencer’s engagement rate, we’re referring to the sense of commitment they’ve managed to ...

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Do you need to work with an influencer agency?

With influencer marketing, one of the most frequent doubts that companies often have is whether or not they should be working with an influencer marketing agency or using a software to launch their campaigns? In the majority of cases, it all falls down the composition of the campaign. Due to the great variety of options within influencer marketing, it can be difficult to know whether or not we should delegate the ...

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Qué acciones de marketing puedes realizar con influencers

Influencer marketing actions and how to develop them

Influencer marketing has quickly become an essential strategy for many brands. The exponential growth of social networks has provoked hyperconnectivity between social media users who use these platforms to consume content generated by influential profiles who they trust in and get inspiration, ideas, knowledge and entertainment from. Free Download: Influencer Marketing KPIs to measure and control For this reason, many companies are opting to include said profiles in their influencer marketing strategies, ...

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Por qué las grandes marcas contratan a influencers

Why do big brands work with influencers?

Why do big brands work with influencers? Are these types of strategies really that profitable? Do marketing actions with influencers really work or is influencer marketing just a trend that doesn’t actually provide any results? The answer to these questions and many more regarding why big brands work with influencers can be found in this article - just keep reading to find out why! Why do brands work with influencers? More and more ...

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En qué sectores da mejores resultados el marketing de influencia

In which sectors does Influencer Marketing achieve the best results?

Over the past years, influencer marketing has grown at an exponential rate and it has quickly become an essential marketing strategy for the vast majority of companies across all sectors. Some companies, however, are still questioning whether their market niche is adapted to influencer marketing strategies. In this article, we’re going to take a look at which sectors tend to see the best results with these types of strategies. Why is influencer ...

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Tendencias del Influencer Marketing para 2019

Influencer Marketing trends for 2019

What does 2019 have in store for influencers? Will these marketing strategies continue to be profitable? In this article, we’re going to take a look at the current state of influencer marketing and discuss the trends we expect to see in 2019. Free download: Influencer Marketing KPIs you should measure and control Influencer marketing in 2018 In 2018, we saw influencer marketing become an imperative strategy for companies to implement into their marketing ...

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Cómo hacer y medir una campaña de youtube marketing

How to execute and analyse a YouTube marketing campaign

Despite originally being conceived as an entertainment platform, during its immense growth over past years, YouTube has become much more than just this. YouTube Marketing, for example, gives brands the opportunity to carry out campaigns on this social network in a series of different ways. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to execute YouTube marketing campaigns with influencers.   Marketing departments hold Youtube in just as high ...

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Real challenges brands face when working with influencers

Brands that work with influencers don’t just do so to increase their visibility; in fact, their campaign objectives tend to be rather varied. Sometimes influencers are the perfect solution for improving a brand’s reputation or the most efficient method for associating a brand with specific values. Regardless of the goals that brands wish to achieve, each influencer marketing campaign implies a significant challenge for companies. In this article, we’re going to ...

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