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9 min read | March 28, 2023

Influencer Marketing for Small Business: How Influencer Marketing Platforms are Changing the Game

Many brands these days understand the benefits of influencer marketing for small business. The right approach can help you reach a larger audience, promote your brand authentically, and expand your customer base.

But are you aware of the benefits of using an influencer marketing platform?

This article will discuss how influencer marketing platforms are levelling the playing field for small businesses in terms of advertising and brand promotion.

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The Benefits of Influencer Marketing For Small Business

Let’s start by looking at the benefits of influencer marketing for small business. Once we’ve done that, we’ll discuss a few challenges that some brands might encounter with their IM strategies and explore how influencer marketing platforms can address these issues and make it much easier to launch a successful influencer campaign

  • The most obvious benefit of influencer marketing for small business is that it increases your reach and boosts brand awareness. This is particularly important for smaller organizations, especially those that are just starting out. With the right influencer, you can tap straight into your target market and start building brand trust and credibility.
  • With the rise of digital technology and the growing influence of social media, influencer marketing can help you stay relevant and keep up with evolving market trends. This enables you to target a larger audience with creative and innovative strategies for driving sales
  • Influencer marketing can be a great way to improve customer engagement. Provided you work with a creative and relevant influencer, you can target your market with unique and engaging content that resonates. This helps to create a buzz around your brand and encourages followers to take an interest in your brand.  
  • One of the biggest benefits of influencer marketing is that it comes across as being far more authentic and credible than other more traditional forms of advertising. This is important as authenticity has never been so important for consumers
  • Finally, influencer marketing can be incredibly cost-effective, especially if you collaborate with nano- or micro-influencers. This is a big bonus for small businesses as they are likely to have much smaller marketing budgets.

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Challenges of Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses

As with most things in life, there are always two sides to every coin and influencer marketing isn’t immune to certain challenges. 

Here are a few potential obstacles associated with influencer marketing for small business:

  • There are no guarantees. Just because an influencer posts about your brand, it doesn’t automatically mean that your campaign is going to be a success. That’s why it’s so important to conduct thorough checks in advance to make sure the influencer you select is a good fit for your brand, they have a relevant and active audience, and they are creative and engaging.
  • The influencer might misunderstand and misrepresent your brand. The key to a successful collaboration comes down to the partnership that you develop. If you take the time to get to know your influencer and explain what your brand is, there will be far less risk of them unintentionally misrepresenting you. The best way to develop a profitable partnership is by using influencer relationship management tools
  • It can be difficult to measure success and calculate your ROI. This is especially true if you don’t establish clear objectives from the start. The best way to overcome this challenge is to communicate your goals and make sure your influencer understands how you will be measuring performance. Then use influencer management tools to track your defined KPIs and calculate your ROI.

How Influencer Marketing Platforms Are Changing the Game

We mentioned a few tools in the last section. Let’s take a look at them in a bit more detail to help you understand how influencer marketing platforms are changing the game and making it much easier for small businesses to compete

The best influencer marketing platform for small businesses includes the following tools and features:

  • Influencer discovery tools and databases to help you search for and connect with suitable influencers for your brand campaigns.
  • Audience analysis tools to help you evaluate the quality and relevance of an influencer’s following.
  • Influencer relationship management tools to help you develop profitable, long-term relationships.
  • Campaign management tools to help you prepare, organize, and budget for your campaigns.
  • Campaign measurement tools to help you monitor the performance of your campaigns and keep track of your key metrics.
  • Reporting tools and analytics to monitor and measure the performance of your campaigns and calculate your influencer marketing ROI.

Influencity’s comprehensive solution includes all these tools and features. Our “influencer marketing for small business” platform is a robust end-to-end software solution that you can use to organize and manage your influencer campaigns from start to finish. You can use all these features to streamline your processes, automate repetitive tasks, enhance your collaborations, and boost the ROI of your marketing efforts. That way, you will be in a much stronger position to compete with bigger players in the market and cement your position as a valuable and authentic brand.

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