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11 min read | June 3, 2024

LinkedIn Influencers: The Key for B2B Influencer Marketing

LinkedIn is the biggest professional networking platform in the world, offering unique opportunities for individuals and businesses to connect, share, and grow within a vast community of professionals. Thanks to this, and to the rich variety of industry leaders, decision-makers, and professionals that actively use the platform, LinkedIn is perfectly suited for influencer marketing. In fact, LinkedIn influencers, known as Top Voices, can be pivotal in shaping brand reputations and influencing business outcomes.

So, who are they exactly and what do they have to offer?

We will address these questions and more in today’s post. We will also explore 3 of the hottest LinkedIn influencers right now to give you a taste of what your B2B business could achieve with the right partnership and the right LinkedIn Influencer Marketing campaign.

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What Are LinkedIn Influencers?

LinkedIn influencers are distinguished professionals and thought leaders within their respective fields who use the LinkedIn platform to engage and inspire a large following. These individuals have built their reputations through consistent, insightful contributions that resonate with a business-focused audience. For example, Neil Patel, a renowned marketing expert and best-selling author, uses LinkedIn to share his extensive knowledge in digital marketing, SEO, and content marketing and to engage directly with his audience through posts, articles, and videos that provide actionable insights. 

Neil Patel’s approach is particularly valuable for B2B companies, as he often discusses strategies that can enhance online visibility and lead generation. However, bear in mind that the content shared by LinkedIn influencers typically covers a broad spectrum of topics from industry-specific insights to broader business strategies. And as a result, they tend to appeal to a diverse range of professionals

Ultimately, their ability to influence professional behavior and decision-making within their networks makes LinkedIn influencers highly valued and sought-after partners for collaboration and endorsement.


The Power of LinkedIn Influencers

LinkedIn influencers are transformative figures in the world of B2B Influencer Marketing, wielding their significant influence to bridge the substantial gap between brands and their intended professional audiences. Their role is to facilitate authentic engagements that resonate well beyond the typical corporate discourse, injecting a personal touch that is often absent in conventional B2B marketing efforts. This approach breaks down the corporate facade and presents the brand in a more relatable way, which greatly appeals to potential clients who are increasingly seeking connections that feel genuine and trustworthy. The content shared by these influencers isn't just promotional; it's insightful, engaging, and crafted to echo the needs and interests of specific professional circles.


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Moreover, the impact of a LinkedIn influencer's endorsement goes far beyond simple brand recognition, significantly amplifying a partner brand’s message across LinkedIn’s extensive network. This isn't just about reaching more people; it's about reaching the right people - those who are decision-makers and industry shapers who are likely to engage deeply with the brand. 

In other words, your brand can enhance its visibility and establish itself as an industry leader by strategically aligning with relevant influencers. This approach enables you to precisely target niche markets, using the influencers' established trust and authority to create a credible presence that attracts and retains valuable business.

Specific Benefits of Partnering with a LinkedIn Influencer

Let’s take a look now at some of the specific benefits of partnering with a LinkedIn influencer as part of your B2B Influencer Marketing strategy:

  • Enhanced brand visibility: Influencers help increase your brand's exposure on LinkedIn, which can significantly expand your reach and visibility among industry professionals.
  • Increased credibility: Partnering with well-respected LinkedIn influencers can enhance your brand's credibility, as their endorsement serves as a testament to your company’s value and reliability.
  • Quality lead generation: LinkedIn influencers can drive targeted, high-quality leads to your business, as their followers are often well-aligned with your ideal customer profile.
  • Improved content strategy: LinkedIn influencers share unique, compelling content that can diversify your content streams and increase engagement among your target audience.
  • Stronger network connections: Influencers often have vast networks of influential professionals, providing opportunities for partnerships and collaborations that may otherwise be inaccessible.
  • Insightful feedback and analytics: Working with LinkedIn influencers gives you access to valuable insights on your marketing campaigns, helping you refine your strategies and better understand your audience.


Top LinkedIn Influencers

The success of your LinkedIn influencer campaign will depend on who you choose to partner with. Aside from being a respected figure in your industry, the LinkedIn influencer you collaborate with must have an active, relevant, and engaged audience who is likely to relate to your brand message. Otherwise, your campaign will fall on deaf ears.

Here’s a selection of some of the top LinkedIn influencers right now to give you an idea of who might be a good match for your B2B brand.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a globally recognized entrepreneur and LinkedIn influencer, celebrated for his ventures in multiple industries, including aviation, space, and media. As the founder of the Virgin Group, Branson's insights on entrepreneurship and innovation are highly revered. His engaging approach and willingness to share his experiences make him a powerful influencer.


His popular posts, such as "What Does It Take to Be the Boss? Managers vs. Leaders," attract significant attention, showcasing his influence. Branson demonstrates the power of direct engagement, a key strategy in influencer marketing by taking questions from followers on LinkedIn and sharing personal insights. His LinkedIn content often explores risk-taking, customer service excellence, and sustainable business practices, making him a pivotal resource for business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Jill Schlesinger

Jill Schlesinger, a prominent financial analyst and LinkedIn influencer, offers a clear and concise approach to economic and financial advice. With her background as a certified financial planner and Emmy-nominated business analyst, Schlesinger has the expertise to demystify complex economic trends and personal finance strategies.

Through her posts and articles, Schlesinger provides invaluable insights that help her followers understand market dynamics and optimize their financial planning and investments. Her ability to communicate effectively and offer practical advice makes her a trusted authority in the finance sector.

Given her influence and expertise, Schlesinger plays a significant role in influencer marketing within the financial industry. Brands seeking to connect with audiences interested in finance and investment can leverage her platform to reach and engage with their target market effectively.

Ryan Holmes

Ryan Holmes, the founder of Hootsuite and a respected LinkedIn influencer, is renowned for his thought leadership in social media and technology. His deep understanding of social media strategies and digital marketing trends makes his content invaluable for businesses looking to leverage online platforms for growth. 

Ryan’s posts often focus on the future of social media, entrepreneurship, and the importance of digital connectivity, providing essential insights for companies aiming to enhance their online presence and engage effectively with their audience.

LinkedIn Influencers: Summing Up

Above all, as you explore the potential of LinkedIn influencers in your B2B marketing strategy, make sure you prioritize collaborations with influencers whose professional values align with your company's mission and who consistently engage with their audience in meaningful ways. Tools like Influencity's Discover feature can help you identify influencers by industry, expertise, and engagement levels. 

Once you’ve identified potential influencers, reach out with a personalized message that clearly highlights the mutual benefits of a partnership. This sets the stage for a successful collaboration, helping you transform your B2B marketing efforts and achieve remarkable results.


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