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11 min read | September 21, 2020

Influencity, the most complete influencer marketing platform in the market

It has been a long journey since the company took off back in 2014. Back to its beginnings, Influencity was one of the few Spanish companies to develop a technology solution in order to be able to help brands and agencies to run their relationship with their influencers. Nowadays, after a long time in a competitive market and with technological solutions by the hundreds, Influencity is considered as one of the best influencer marketing platform in the world.

Currently, we are one of the most consolidated Influencer´s Marketing Platform in Europe and we are recognised within the sector for all our improvements to become what the company is today. At present we run real-time statistics on more than 90 million influencers around the world and not only that, due to our efforts and perseverance we are able to help 2,000 or more Companies in 34 countries.

The essence to obtain these results is teamwork, it is knowing how to adapt to new market demands and situations, it is reinventing ourselves, researching and developing new functionalities capable of making the work of agencies and brands much more complete, intuitive, and easy. Because of our Company strategies and innovations, we are proud to be one of the few pioneering European companies in this sector that compete with the big ones born in the United States, being today, the most complete AI-powered Influencer Marketing Platform in the market.

Hard international competition

Last June and July, Influencity has been involved in various platforms and technology product communities that provide information regarding the software within the influencer´s marketing sector. The past month of June, Product Hunt, one of the most important technology product communities in the world, launched Influencity. It was Kevin William David, number one in the Product Hunt community, who helped with the launch. More than 1,000 people voted for our profile and Influencity was ranked 2nd as the product of the day and 5th for the product of the entire week.

Currently, Influencity is the influencer´s platform with the most votes in the entire history of Product Hunt.

At the beginning of July, Influencity appeared on G2, being G2 one of the most recognised companies regarding technology products and who has carried out studies of 188 influencer´s platforms. Currently, Influencity is ranked number 5 as the easiest tool to use, the third-best Influencer Marketing solution in Europe, and the 18th in the world.

After comparisons with other Influencer´s Marketing Platforms currently on the market, Influencity is considered as the most complete influencer marketing platform, obtaining ratings above the other platforms in several categories.

influencer platform comparison
Real Comparison

Global recognition

Despite not having all the resources that our competitors have, Influencity has managed to position itself internationally. Influencityit has been recognized for winning various awards throughout its development as a Company. In October 2019, at the South Summit, the largest Startup competition in Europe, Influencity was among the first four winners, and it obtained the award for “Most Scalable Product” and “Best Marketing Solution” competing among 3,800 Companies.

influencity southsummit
South Summit Awards Ceremony

Because all of this recognition and its presence at a global level, Influencity was once again at the Influencer Marketing Awards 2020, held on August 19. The company was selected as a finalist for the four categories within the technology awards, such as the International Influencer Marketing tool to manage Influencer Marketing campaigns in an automated way. The past month, Influencity was ranked second in the Best Relationship Management Tool category and third in the Industry Choice of Technology or SaaS category.

This is a recognition at global levels in an increasingly competitive market.

influencer marketing awards influencity

It is in no doubt that influencer marketing is gaining territory to traditional marketing channels, 90% of marketers say that this format or modality is comparable or better in terms of ROI. In a sector that is growing at a very fast pace, it is imperative not to be left behind, to adapt and improve ourselves continuously. Influencity has demonstrated this, not only do we follow the sector closely, but we also try to expand internationally to position ourselves as the best and most complete Influencer Marketing software.

“There are many Influencer´s Marketing Solutions in the world, and that we are recognised as one of the main companies in the sector worldwide, means that we are doing something that differentiates ourselves from the rest, and that is very important to us and a source of pride. We are best known for working at the highest level of demand and professionalism in order to generate an environment of maximum trust within our employees, our partners and our clients, always with honesty, transparency and humility.” Daniel Sánchez, CEO.

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