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11 min read | March 18, 2024

How to Do Influencer Gifting: Tips and Tricks

In a world where authenticity and personal connections increasingly dictate brand loyalty, influencer gifting stands out as a strategic beacon for businesses aiming to weave their stories into the fabric of everyday conversations. This nuanced art, also known as influencer seeding, revolves around the idea of entrusting influencers with the task of sharing your brand's narrative through their experiences with your products or services. With the right approach, this strategy doesn't just spotlight your brand in the crowded marketplace; it transforms casual observers into engaged advocates, fostering a community of loyal followers who resonate with your brand's values and message.

Embarking on an influencer gifting campaign, however, is more than a simple exchange of goods for visibility. It's about creating experiences, building relationships, and sparking genuine dialogues that resonate with both influencers and their followers. 

Read on to find out how you can launch a successful influencer gifting campaign.

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What Is Influencer Gifting?

Influencer gifting, also known as product seeding, is a marketing strategy where brands send products or services to influencers for free, hoping they will share their positive experiences with their followers. This strategy banks on the influencer's ability to create authentic content around the gifted item, thereby amplifying brand visibility and credibility among their followers. The ultimate goal is to leverage the trust and rapport influencers have with their audience, translating it into increased interest and engagement for the brand. By carefully selecting influencers whose brand values and audience demographics align with theirs, companies can foster meaningful collaborations that drive brand awareness and boost sales through genuine, relatable endorsements.

Influencer Gifting Tips and Tricks for Success

So, we've seen what influencer gifting is, but what strategies can you implement to ensure that your campaign not only reaches the right influencers but also resonates with their audience? Here, we dive into the essential tips and tricks that will elevate your influencer gifting efforts, transforming them into impactful brand-building tools that generate ROI for your business.

Selecting the Right Influencers

The foundation of any successful influencer gifting campaign lies in identifying the right types of influencer collaborations. While follower count may seem tempting, prioritizing influencer marketing metrics like engagement rate, audience demographics, and content style is crucial

Specifically, look for influencers who:

  • Align with your brand values and target audience. Their content and audience should resonate with your brand identity and the demographics you aim to reach.
  • Have a genuine interest in your product. Partnering with influencers who are passionate about your offerings fosters authenticity and increases the likelihood of positive reviews and organic content creation.
  • Boast high engagement rates. Look beyond follower count and prioritize influencers whose audience actively interacts with their content through likes, comments, and shares.

By focusing on these factors, you can identify influencers who will genuinely connect with your brand and effectively represent it to their audience.

Personalizing Gifting Packages

A thoughtfully curated gifting experience goes a long way in building rapport with influencers. By tailoring each package to suit the specific tastes and preferences of the influencer, brands can create a memorable unboxing experience that influencers are eager to share with their followers. 

Consider including:

  • A handwritten note. Expressing gratitude and briefly explaining why you believe the influencer is a good fit for your brand adds a personal touch.
  • Additional relevant items. Include complementary products, branded merchandise, or even small gifts related to the influencer's interests to create a more memorable experience.
  • Branded packaging. Elevate the gifting experience with visually appealing packaging that reflects your brand identity.

This level of personalization shows that you value the influencer and their audience, fostering a stronger connection and encouraging positive brand sentiment.

Encouraging Organic Engagement

When sending products to influencers, it's crucial to communicate a no-strings-attached policy clearly. The essence of this approach is to send gifts without imposing any guidelines, timelines, or expectations for posting. This strategy is rooted in the understanding that while many influencers will share content about the product organically, setting conditions can often deter them from doing so. Therefore, the expectation should be straightforward: provide the product for free, acknowledging that some influencers may not post about it. This method aims to foster authentic engagement and respect the influencer's discretion and creative freedom.

Fostering Genuine Relationships

Successful influencer gifting campaigns are the beginning of a relationship, not just a one-off interaction. Engaging with influencers beyond the initial gift - by commenting on their posts, sharing their content, or offering them first access to new products - can foster a genuine connection. This ongoing engagement demonstrates that the brand values the influencer's contribution and is interested in a partnership rather than a transactional relationship. Over time, this can lead to more authentic endorsements, as influencers become true advocates for the brand.

After a successful partnership, where an influencer has shared about your product, taking the next step by offering them a chance to earn through an affiliate link or program is a great idea. This means they can make money when people buy your product because of their recommendation. If they were happy to post about your product for free, imagine what they might do when there's a chance to earn from it. This move shows you value their effort and are serious about working together more closely. It turns a simple gift into an opportunity for both sides to benefit more over time.

Measuring the Impact of Gifting Efforts

To truly understand the value of influencer gifting, brands must measure the impact of their campaigns. This involves tracking key performance indicators such as:

  • Brand mentions. Monitor how often the influencer mentions your brand organically, both in their content and interactions with their audience.
  • Website traffic and conversions. Track the impact of influencer gifting on website traffic and conversions with UTM parameters or unique discount codes for attribution.
  • Social media engagement. Analyze the engagement generated by the influencer's content featuring your product, including likes, comments, shares, and click-through rates.
  • Brand sentiment. Monitor online conversations and reviews to gauge the overall sentiment towards your brand following the influencer gifting campaign.

Analyzing this data not only helps you gain insights into the effectiveness of your campaign but also enables you to identify areas for improvement that you can address in your future influencer gifting campaigns. That way, your efforts will be even more targeted and impactful.

How Influencity Programs Can Enhance Your Influencer Gifting Strategy

Influencer gifting, when peeled back to its core, is about crafting moments that transcend the transactional nature of business and tap into the human desire for stories and connections. By carefully selecting influencers, personalizing gifts, setting clear expectations, nurturing relationships, and measuring outcomes, brands can elevate their presence and resonate more deeply with their target audiences

So, what’s the key to success? Simple. The cornerstone of a successful influencer gifting strategy lies not just in the act of gifting itself, but in the capability to execute this strategy effectively at scale over a long-term period. Achieving this requires the right blend of tools and technology designed specifically for influencer management and campaign tracking.

For example, Influencity Programs offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to streamline and enhance your influencer seeding strategy. By leveraging its advanced analytics and targeting features, brands can identify influencers who not only have a significant reach but also align closely with their target audience and brand values. This precision ensures that gifting efforts are directed towards influencers who are most likely to generate meaningful engagement

Additionally, Influencity's tracking capabilities allow brands to monitor the performance of their influencer gifting campaigns in real time, providing valuable insights into engagement rates and ROI. Ultimately, by facilitating targeted outreach and offering detailed analytics, Influencity’s platform empowers marketers to execute more effective and impactful influencer gifting campaigns that strengthen their brand's presence in the market.

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