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8 min read | January 23, 2023

4 Influencer Tracking Tools for Your Brand

In today’s post, we are going to look at 4 essential influencer tracking tools that can help you monitor and analyze your influencer marketing campaigns. We will also look at the specific metrics and insights you should be tracking in order to understand and optimize the performance of your campaign content. 

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What Are Influencer Tracking Tools?

Influencer tracking is the process of monitoring the performance of an influencer that you are collaborating with. The aim is to determine whether their performance meets your expectations and if they are generating the desired results with your influencer marketing campaigns

There are a few approaches you can take with influencer tracking, depending on your campaign objectives and which metrics you have chosen to measure success.

For example, you might track:

    • Traditional key performance metrics such as engagement, reach, views, and impressions.
    • Keywords and hashtags relating to your campaign to see how much your brand is being talked about.
    • UTM tracker links to monitor individual influencer performance through sites like Google Analytics (UTM links can be used to track which platforms, influencers, and campaigns are diverting more traffic to a site, which content type is making a bigger impact if you are A/B testing, etc.) 
    • Affiliate links and promo codes
    • Site traffic before, during and after a campaign has been launched
    • Sales conversions and leads
    • Campaign ROI

Influencer tracking tools support you during this process. They enable you to track the specific metrics you need in order to establish the impact that your campaigns have had and whether or not they are meeting expectations. Without this valuable feedback, you have no way of knowing whether or not your influencer marketing strategies are having the desired effect and whether you are getting your anticipated ROI.

You can choose to track all this data manually. However, this method can be very time consuming, and you don’t always get accurate results. It’s far more effective to use influencer tracking tools to streamline and automate the process. 

4 Essential Influencer Tracking Tools for Your Brand

Let’s take a look at 4 essential influencer tracking tools that can help you analyze the performance of your influencer marketing campaigns. We’ll also share the specific metrics you need to consider in order to optimize the performance of your campaigns


Campaign Performance Tracking

Influencer tracking tools can help you track the performance of your campaigns in real time. You can monitor the content that an influencer has posted and see how it performs in terms of reach, impressions, and engagement, amongst other valuable metrics. You can see how many likes a public post gets, whether people are interacting with the key message, and how responsive an influencer is to comments and shares. This can give you a clear idea of how well a campaign is going and if you need to make any specific adjustments to boost performance.

Keyword & Hashtag Tracking

With influencer tracking tools such as those offered by Influencity’s platform, you can track keywords, hashtags, and mentions to find new influencers that are talking about certain topics. This can be a great way to find suitable and relevant influencers for your campaign. After all, it’s always best to work with an influencer who has experience with your niche target market. 

You can also use hashtag tracking to estimate the reach of your influencer campaigns once they have been launched. Just make sure your influencer includes specific keywords in their posts, then search for these keywords to see how many people are talking about your campaign. 

UTM & Unique Coupon Codes

Many brands choose to use UTM tracking codes and unique coupon codes to track the performance of their digital campaigns. And there are many influencer tracking tools to help with this.

Urchin Tracking Module (UTM) codes are snippets of code that you attach to the end of a URL. You can then use this code to track a source, medium, and campaign name. For example, if your influencer marketing objective is to divert more traffic to your website, then you could create a UTM code for your influencer to share on their post. You can then use influencer tracking tools like Google Analytics to determine how many of your website hits have been diverted from a campaign post.

Unique coupon codes work in much the same way. This method can be especially useful if you work with a range of influencers. Just give each influencer their own unique coupon code to share through their post, then calculate how many sales have been made using each code. That way, you can see which influencer has achieved the highest rate of conversions. 

All-in-One Automated Influencer Tracking Tools 

All these influencer tracking tools can be very useful if you use them in the right way. However, if you are launching multiple campaigns or working with a variety of influencers then it makes far more sense to centralize your tools with an all-in-one platform. This helps to keep all your campaign data organized and gives you a clearer picture of how your influencer campaign metrics are performing

For example, Influencity’s all-in-one platform comes with a variety of influencer tracking tools and features. These tools can help you manage every aspect of your campaigns, from performance metric tracking to keyword and hashtag tracking. You get instant access to all the insights you need directly from the platform’s intuitive dashboard. That way, you can quickly identify if you need to make any adjustments to your live campaigns in order to optimize their performance.

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