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9 min read | October 20, 2023

Successful TikTok Influencer Marketing Examples

With its explosive growth and diverse user base, TikTok can be a highly effective platform for promoting your brand and reaching a vast and engaged audience. The platform offers unique opportunities for brands to connect with potential customers, provided they launch a well-crafted and creative campaign that appeals to their target market, that is.

To help inspire you, we have compiled a list of real-life TikTok influencer marketing examples to highlight how a number of well-known brands have effectively leveraged the authority of popular TikTok influencers to achieve their marketing objectives.

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Why is TikTok Influencer Marketing So Effective?

TikTok is a popular social media platform known for its short-form video content. It allows users to create, share, and discover videos ranging from dances and lip-syncing to comedy sketches and educational content. With its user-friendly interface and algorithm-driven content recommendation system, TikTok has quickly become a global sensation, especially among younger generations, influencing trends, music charts, and even politics. As a result, brands of all shapes and sizes are now harnessing the power of TikTok influencers to promote their products and services.

Here are just a few of the reasons why TikTok influencer marketing can be so effective:

  • Massive and engaged user base: TikTok has over 1 billion active users worldwide, and they are some of the most engaged users on any social media platform. 
  • Creative and authentic influencers: TikTok influencers are known for their creative and authentic content. They are able to connect with their audiences on a personal level, and their followers trust their recommendations.
  • Good at targeting audiences: TikTok's algorithm is very good at targeting audiences based on their interests. This means that brands can work with TikTok influencers to reach their target audience directly.
  • Relatively affordable: TikTok influencer marketing campaigns are relatively affordable, especially compared to other forms of advertising, such as television or print ads.

Overall, TikTok influencer marketing is an effective way for brands to reach their target audience, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

How Brands Can Work with TikTok Influencers

Brands can launch various types of campaigns with TikTok influencers to effectively promote their products or services:

  • Product showcases: TikTok influencers can provide genuine product reviews and demonstrations, offering viewers insights and firsthand experiences of a brand's products.
  • Challenges and hashtags: Brands can initiate or join trending challenges or create unique hashtags with influencers to foster user-generated content and expand brand visibility.
  • Giveaways and contests: Influencers can host giveaways or contests featuring a brand's products, encouraging audience participation and excitement.
  • Educational content: Collaborating on informative content positions a brand as an authority and offers value to their target audience.
  • Influencer takeovers: Allowing influencers to temporarily manage a brand's TikTok account brings fresh creativity and attracts new followers.
  • Narrative storytelling: Crafting compelling stories or narratives with influencers can captivate audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Successful TikTok Influencer Marketing Examples 

The key to success with TikTok marketing comes down to picking the right influencers and selecting the right campaign type for the unique characteristics of your brand and the interests of your target audience.

With this in mind, let’s explore a few successful TikTok influencer marketing examples to show you how effective the right strategy can be.

Fenty Beauty and James Charles

In 2023, Fenty Beauty partnered with TikTok influencer James Charles to launch its new lipstick line, Fenty Beauty Icon Velvet Lipstick. The campaign featured a variety of TikTok videos created by Charles showcasing the new lipsticks and encouraging his followers to try them out. The campaign also featured a number of other TikTok features, such as challenges, duets, and hashtags, to engage fans and promote the new lipstick line. For example, Charles challenged his followers to create their own over-the-top makeup looks using the new lipsticks.

The campaign was very successful, generating over 100 million views and helping to sell out the Fenty Beauty Icon Velvet Lipstick line in just minutes. This was due in part to James Charles's large and engaged following on TikTok, but also to the creative and engaging content that he created for the campaign.

Gymshark and Addison Rae

Another great TikTok influencer marketing example is the collaboration between fitness apparel brand Gymshark and the TikTok influencer Addison Rae to promote Gymshark's new Vital Seamless collection. The campaign launched in 2023 and featured a variety of TikTok videos created by Rae showcasing the new collection and encouraging her followers to try it out.

One of the key elements of the campaign was the use of a unique hashtag, #GymsharkxAddisonRae. This hashtag was used in all of the campaign videos and helped to generate excitement and buzz among Rae's fans. The campaign also featured a range of challenges, duets, and live streams to engage fans and promote the new collection. For example, Rae challenged her followers to do a workout using the new Vital Seamless collection and share their videos on TikTok using the #GymsharkxAddisonRae hashtag.

The campaign was very successful, generating over 200 million views and helping to increase Gymshark's sales by 20%. This was primarily due to the authenticity of the campaign, as Addison Rae is a genuine fan of Gymshark products, and her excitement for the new collection was contagious.

Chipotle and the #LidFlipChallenge Campaign

The Chipotle and #LidFlipChallenge Campaign was a TikTok challenge that encouraged users to flip the lid of their Chipotle burrito bowl in the air and catch it. The challenge was launched in 2019 and quickly went viral, generating over 111,000 video submissions in just six days. The challenge was so successful that it resulted in record-breaking digital sales and app downloads for Chipotle.

The campaign was a hit for a number of reasons. Firstly, it was simple and easy to participate in. Anyone could join in, regardless of their age, fitness level, or skill level. Second, the challenge was fun and engaging. It was a challenge that people could do with their friends and family and post about on social media. Thirdly, the challenge was relevant to Chipotle's target audience. Chipotle's target audience is young and tech-savvy, and the #LidFlipChallenge was a fun and engaging way for Chipotle to connect with this audience.

In addition to these factors, the Chipotle and #LidFlipChallenge Campaign was also a successful TikTok influencer marketing example because it was well-planned and executed. Chipotle partnered with a number of popular TikTok influencers to promote the challenge, and they used a variety of TikTok features, such as hashtags, challenges, and duets, to engage fans and promote the campaign.

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