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7 min read | June 14, 2023

Why Hiring TikTok Influencers Can Boost Your Brand's Reach

TikTok influencers have gained immense popularity and influence on the video-sharing platform, captivating audiences with their creative and engaging content. As a result, increasing numbers of brands are choosing to hire TikTok influencers to boost their reach and engage a larger audience.

But what makes the platform so effective? What’s the key to boosting your brand’s reach with this strategy?

In today’s post, we will explain the unique characteristics of TikTok and highlight a few examples of successful brand-influencer collaborations. We will also share a few tips and best practices to help you find the right TikTok influencers for your brand.

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What Makes TikTok So Unique?

TikTok is a leading social media platform that has captivated millions of users worldwide, offering a unique blend of entertainment, creativity, and community engagement. Although TikTok is not the only video-sharing platform on the market, it has emerged as a dominant force due to a number of unique characteristics.

For one thing, unlike other streaming platforms such as YouTube, TikTok focuses exclusively on short-form video content, encouraging users to regularly showcase their creativity in engaging, authentic, and entertaining ways. Moreover, the platform's unique editing features, effects, and music library have opened up the playing field and led to a rise in niche TikTok influencers who produce original and relatable content. These influencers are able to target a vast user base spanning various demographics, making it a valuable platform for influencer marketing across multiple industries and target audiences

Another important aspect that makes TikTok unique is its use of algorithms. Unlike many other platforms that promote content based on popularity, TikTok's algorithms prioritize content discovery and user engagement, considering factors such as a user's viewing preferences, interests, and interactions. This unique, personalized approach allows influencers to quickly gain exposure and engagement based on the quality and relevance of their content, not their audience size. As a result, many brands hire TikTok influencers to boost their reach and engage large audiences in a fun, relatable, cost-effective, and authentic way.

Examples of Successful TikTok Influencer Collaborations

There have been numerous successful TikTok influencer collaborations that have effectively leveraged the platform's unique features to engage users. 

Here are a few notable examples of brands that have hired TikTok influencers and launched effective campaigns:

  • Chipotle and David Dobrik: Chipotle partnered with popular creator David Dobrik to launch the #ChipotleLidFlip challenge. Dobrik's humorous videos showcasing his lid-flipping skills sparked a viral trend, with users attempting their own lid-flipping stunts. The campaign generated millions of user-generated videos and significantly increased Chipotle's brand exposure.
  • Crocs and Charli D'Amelio: Crocs collaborated with TikTok's most followed influencer, Charli D'Amelio, for a limited-edition shoe release. D'Amelio created engaging content featuring her wearing the branded Crocs and promoted the campaign through the #ThousandDollarCrocs hashtag challenge. The partnership generated immense buzz, resulting in a surge in sales and brand recognition.
  • Mucinex and Brittany Broski: Mucinex partnered with Brittany Broski, known as "Kombucha Girl" on TikTok, for a flu season awareness campaign. Broski created humorous videos highlighting the importance of self-care and using Mucinex products when feeling unwell. The partnership effectively raised brand awareness and resonated with TikTok users through relatable and entertaining content.

How To Find TikTok Influencers for Your Brand

There are a few things to consider before you hire a TikTok influencer. Here are a few tips to help you find TikTok Influencers that match your brand and values. That way, you can be sure that you will generate maximum ROI from your campaigns.  

  • Make sure you understand your target audience's demographics, interests, and preferences. This will help you find influencers whose content aligns with your brand and resonates with your target market.
  • Use TikTok's Discover page to explore trending content, industry hashtags, and popular creators in your niche. This will help you find relevant influencers who are already active and successful on the platform.
  • Review the quality and style of an influencer's content. Look for creators who produce visually appealing and engaging videos that align with your brand's aesthetic.
  • Look beyond follower count and evaluate an influencer's engagement rates, comments, and overall authenticity. High engagement and genuine interactions with their audience indicate a more effective influencer for your brand.
  • Monitor an influencer's consistency, posting frequency, and engagement with their audience over time.
  • Once you have identified potential influencers, reach out to them with a personalized message explaining why you believe they would be a great fit for your brand. Clearly communicate your expectations and discuss potential collaboration ideas.

Use an influencer marketing platform to streamline all the above. For example, with Influencity you get access to a large database with analytics and advanced search filters. You can use these filters to narrow down your search based on criteria such as follower count, engagement rate, content category, and audience demographics. You can also use the platform to manage your outreach and campaign management strategies. That way, you can be sure that you hire TikTok influencers who can effectively boost your brand’s reach and engage your target audience.

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