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8 min read | December 28, 2022

How to Find TikTok Influencers that Match Your Brand and Values

TikTok has become one of the most lucrative platforms for Influencer Marketing, especially when it comes to younger generations. Content creators often reach thousands to millions of followers, and this represents a huge opportunity for brands looking to market themselves, provided they collaborate with the right influencer. 

So, what should you be looking for when you search for TikTok influencers?

In this post, we are going to share a few tips to help you understand how to find TikTok influencers that match your brand and values.

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Why Are TikTok Influencers so Influential?

Before we discuss how to find TikTok influencers for your brand, let’s take a look at why they are so influential when it comes to the new generation.

If you’re trying to market your brand to younger generations then one of the most effective Influencer Marketing strategies you can use is collaborating with a TikTok influencer. With over 1 billion active users, it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world, and 60% of TikTok’s audience belongs to Gen Z. This makes it the perfect platform for brands looking to collaborate with influencers and attract the attention of younger consumers.

Here are a few other reasons why TikTok influencers have become so significant for brands:

  • TikTok uses powerful algorithms that help brands find the right audience faster.

  • Content consists of short videos which are more effective at capturing the attention of users than longer-form content often found on other platforms like YouTube.

  • TikTok is specifically designed for mobile devices.

  • Influencers can link their bios to their other social media accounts so it’s easier to direct more of their general online audience to your campaigns.

  • Influencers can reach a large audience quickly with the right campaigns and hashtags (compared to other platforms where it can take months or years to build a substantial following).

  • Because content is perceived by users as being more organic, it’s much easier to form connections with your target audience. 


How to Find TikTok Influencers That Match Your Brand and Values

The best advice we can give relating to how to find TikTok influencers is simple: before you do anything else, make sure you understand how TikTok works and how you can best promote your brand on the platform. In other words, how you can attract the attention of TikTok users in a way that gives them what they are looking for. This comes down to finding the right TikTok influencer for your brand.

So, how can you do this exactly?

Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you identify and find TikTok influencers that align with your brand.

Clarify Your Objectives

The first step, before you even think about searching for candidates for your TikTok Influencer Marketing campaign, is clarifying what you want to achieve.

Although there are many benefits of Influencer Marketing, most brands usually focus on one of the following campaign objectives:

  • Brand awareness and discovery: Exposing more potential customers to your brand and products/services, while at the same time building engaged communities and driving potential customers to your website to find out more about your brand and what you have to offer.

  • Conversion: Using your Influencer Marketing campaigns to convert more TikTok users into paying customers.

Use the Right Search Hashtags

Once you’re clear on your objectives, you can focus on how to find TikTok influencers that can help you reach your goals. A great strategy for this involves using the right hashtags.

Most TikTok influencers use specific hashtags relating to the industries that they work in. They include them in the posts they promote, and they often list them on their own bios, too. So, all you have to do is figure out which keywords and hashtags best match your brand and products.

One way to do this is by using TikTok’s Discover tab. This is a page where you can search for popular videos, viral posts, hashtags, and content creators. Simply type in a few relevant keywords then see which hashtags come up. You can then search for influencers who regularly use these hashtags to see which ones have the biggest reach and the most influence on the platform. 

Use an Influencer Marketing Platform for In-Depth Data

Finally, you need to make sure that the influencers that you find align with your campaign goals and objectives

For a quick glimpse, you can always take a look at their profile and the content that they have posted in the past. Do they have lots of sponsored posts? Does their aesthetic match that of your brand? Have they obviously worked with your competitors or do they promote activities that contradict the values of your brand?

However, for a truly in-depth look at their values and those of their audience, you might need the help of an Influencer Marketing Platform. Most platforms have analytics tools that give valuable insight into the brands these influencers use and interact with as well as the interests of their audience. This is important because unless an influencer is a good fit for your brand and your values then the content that they share with their audience is unlikely to resonate. And this, ultimately, is the most valuable piece of advice that we can share in this guide on how to find TikTok influencers.

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