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10 min read | October 20, 2018

“Think globally, act locally” Daniel Sánchez, CEO of Influencity

More than 650 investors and 100 companies came together under one roof for the industry event of the year, where more business opportunities were to be found per square metre than anywhere else in world. And this year, Influencity was more present than ever.

We’re talking about South Summit, the leading platform for innovation and business development, which aims to connect the most technological startups in the world with investors and global corporations who seek to increase their competitiveness through innovation.

Influencity, one of the 100 most innovative startups at South Summit

Only 100 out of the 3,500 startups that participated in the event were chosen to be part of the “next success story”, and Influencity was one of them.

South Summit is the ultimate seal of startup approval, recognised worldwide by members of the entrepreneurial ecosystem and, this year, Influencity competed alongside 99 other startups to win the prize; to chance to attend the “Startup WorldCup” competition in Silicon Valley, where 20 winning startups from all over the world battle it out to win the 1 million dollar prize.

But, what did the competition consist of? Each startup’s representative had to give a 3 minute-long pitch to present their company. Out of these 100 pitches, 10 startups were chosen to go through to the second stage, in which the “next unicorn” was chosen.

Daniel Sánchez, CEO and co-founder of Influencity, took to the stage to give his pitch, explaining how our platform works and how everything that needs to be taken into consideration when working with influencers is taken care of, from searching for and identifying influencers, to measuring and analysing campaign results, thanks to our technology stack. “We are almost twenty people in the company working very hard to lead the Influencer Marketing market”, Daniel Sánchez, Influencity CEO during his pitch.

marketing de influencers

Daniel Sánchez, CEO and co-founder of Influencity at South Summit 2018

But being selected to be one of the 100 startup finalists and having the opportunity to go through to the second stage of the competition wasn’t the only piece of good news Influencity received during the South Summit event. That same morning we also received the Spain Tech Center prize by South Summit, which gave us direct access to the upcoming Immersion Program which will take place in San Francisco from the 5th to the 16th of November, as well as two days of training in Madrid on the 25 and 26th of October, where Influencity will receive special training to continue its growth as a startup.

South Summit 2018 analysis on Twitter

Just like every other year, this year’s edition of South Summit saw many influencers attend world famous event. So, why not measure the impact of their publications with Influencity’s platform? Let’s take a look at the results of some of their tweets.

influencer marketing

Results obtained via Influencity’s software for publications by @Juanfradelgado, @rodriguezhernan, @catavalencia, @jaime_delbarrio, @MariadPDC and @aiglesiasfraga.

With the official event hashtag, #SouthSummit18, this selection of tweeters managed to impact more than 90,000 people, with just 6 tweets. As we can see from the results, the impacted audience was made up of nearly 70% men and the most impacted city was Madrid, where the event was held.

Which post was the most successful?

Marketing de influencers

Results obtained via Influencity’s software for publication by @catavalencia

The most successful tweet was that of @catavalencia. With just one tweet, they managed to achieve a 0.70% engagement rate, 16 interactions and impacted more than 2,000 people.

South Summit 2018 was, without a doubt, an event that had an outstanding impact on a global scale in both the media and on social networks. And, just like every other year, influencers, startups, guests and South Summit’s own twitter account (@south_summit) shared every minute of the event with their audience, an effective social media strategy which should be implemented for any event.

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