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9 min read | May 30, 2018

Example of campaign with influencers: San Ballantines - Influencity

Once again, well-known whisky brand, Ballantine’s, launched a special campaign for all the singletons this Valentine’s day. Thought you were going to be home alone on Valentine’s day, just because you’re single? Think again! Ballentine’s put together an irresistible plan for you and your friends!


In this article, we’re going to explain how this campaign managed to become a Trending Topic on Twitter.

(Foto de Tendencias en el 14 de Febrero)

(Trending Topic photos from the 14th of February)

The campaign’s strategy was aimed at millennials, both female and male, and one of the main objectives was to generate conversation in which the audience felt part of the “hater” movement towards Valentine’s day, as well as gaining campaign visibility via their hashtag.


The hashtag #SanBallantines, an obvious play on words of the brand’s name, was created to resonate with and represent all those Valentine’s day haters out there. The brand collaborated with a total of 75 influencers for this campaign, from micro to full-blown influencers.

The campaign took place on Twitter, as this particular social network is able to generate more visibility and transmit content quickly and virally. The results were very positive; they managed to make Valentine’s day a special day for single people, as well as becoming a Trending Topic.

The influencer profiles used for this campaign were rather varied, but with all of them residing in Spain. They were chosen due to the content they usually post on Twitter and their ability to spark interest in their community of followers with a simple message and photo.


The influencers’ publications used photos such as the following:


Influencers tagged their partner in crime and the brand, @Ballantines_ES, as well as adding the campaign hashtag, #SanBallantines.

The top publications were by @GonzaloCaps, @Ariencilla, @JosuDiamond, @FranCoem and @SalvaSuay.

These images got a high number of interactions from followers, who actively participated by commenting and tagging their single friends.

The campaign’s most successful post, by @GonzaloCaps, who tagged his best friend, @AndreaCompton as his partner in crime, received 182 likes, numerous retweets and a thread of animated comments, in which other influencers such as @DavidLakeme and @kikillovlogs participated.

This post received a total of 111 interactions, a social reach of 7,228 and a 2% engagement rate, which on Twitter, is much higher than what is considered to be a good level of engagement.

Another example of a post which generated a lot of conversation, is this tweet by @alfchoice:

The replies were all humorous and matched the tone created by the brand through their campaign strategy.


At Influencity, we measure every little detail of each campaign, in order to ensure that the selected influencers are the perfect match for the strategy. Here’s a brief explanation of the extrapolated data:

The campaign had the biggest impact in Spain, with 69%, and mostly in Madrid.

The campaign managed to reach 75.8% of the millennial generation (all those born between 1980 and 200), with a bigger impact on those aged 18 to 24.

After analysing this data, we can see that not only did the campaign achieve its main objective of becoming a Trending Topic, but it also managed to reach its target audience, the millennial generation. All of these results are positive and demonstrate that the audience felt inspired by the campaign. The hashtag was also used for other purposes, such as:

It’s difficult to achieve, but the audience were able to identify with this campaign so much so that the influencers’ followers conversed amongst themselves.

Let’s take a look at the campaign results through the following KPI’s:

The campaign achieved a total of 1,100 interactions from the 75 posts, a positive result, thanks to the numerous likes, retweets and comments generated by each post.

The campaign had a high social reach, of 1.5 million people.

In summary, the campaign was a success, thanks to the following:

  • The spontaneity of the influencers

The sheer quality of turning something simple into something interesting. For this very reason, with influencer marketing, it’s important to trust in the talent of the influencers. No one knows their audience better than they do.

  • Impacting the right audience.

The campaign managed to reach a big percentage of the millennial generation, which was the campaign’s target audience, as well a generate a lot of interactions. The campaign gained a lot of visibility and, thanks to the 75 influencers who collaborated, managed to become a Trending Topic.

  • Viral content

You should always think outside of the box. Creating a hashtag is difficult, but creating viral content is very effective in giving a brand’s image a boost. Generating conversation through a good marketing strategy can also be very effective for increasing brand awareness.

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