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8 min read | May 24, 2023

Social Media Takeover: What It Is and Why You Should Start Doing It

Social media takeovers have emerged as a new and increasingly popular trend in digital marketing, with more and more brands opting to hand over their social media accounts to influencers to create engaging and dynamic content for their audience.

But what is a social media takeover exactly, and why should you consider collaborating with an influencer in this way?

This article will explain what a social media takeover is and why it can be a valuable addition to your influencer marketing strategy. We will explore the benefits of a takeover, how to plan and execute one effectively, and share a few examples of successful takeovers

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What Is a Social Media Takeover?

A social media takeover is when a brand hands over control of its social media accounts to an influencer for a specific and limited period of time. This might be for a day or a week, for example. During this time, the influencer creates content and engages with the brand’s audience. The main objective of this strategy is to increase brand engagement, reach, and awareness.

There are a number of benefits of including a social media takeover in your influencer marketing strategy. For one thing, it can help you share fresh and creative content with your existing audience. This is because the social media takeover host will usually bring a different perspective, tone, and style to your branded content, which can help to engage your audience and increase their interest in your brand. 

Secondly, a social media takeover can help you expand your reach and connect with new followers. This is because your takeover campaigns will also be seen by the influencer’s followers and fans. If the influencer manages to convince them of your brand’s value, then it can help you acquire new followers and generate social proof and credibility

Finally, a well-executed strategic social media marketing partnership like this can create excitement and buzz around your brand. With the right content and the right approach, this can help you build brand loyalty and increase customer engagement.

How To Plan and Execute a Social Media Takeover

As with all forms of social media influencer endorsements, there are a number of dos and don'ts that you need to be aware of. Keeping these considerations in mind will help you plan and execute a successful social media takeover that generates maximum results for your brand

Here are a few tips to help you get the most from your social media takeover:

  • Identify your goals: Determine the objectives of your social media takeover. Are you looking to increase brand awareness, reach a new audience, or promote a new product? Understanding your goals will help you plan the right style of content for your takeover.
  • Choose the right influencer for your brand: Select an influencer who aligns with your brand values and has a following that matches your target audience. Reach out to them and discuss the details of the takeover, including the timeline, platform, and your objectives.
  • Develop a content strategy: Work with the influencer to plan the content that they will post during the takeover. Determine the type of content, such as photos, videos, or live streams, and create a schedule for posting.
  • Promote the social media takeover: Use your social media channels to promote the takeover in the days leading up to the event. Share teasers to build excitement and anticipation.
  • Monitor engagement: During the social media takeover, monitor post engagement and respond to any questions or feedback. 
  • Evaluate campaign results: After the takeover has ended, analyze the engagement and reach of each post shared by your influencer and determine whether they helped you achieve your goals. You can then use this information to adapt your future social media takeovers and influencer collaborations.

Examples of Successful Social Media Takeovers

Let’s finish by taking a look at a few examples of successful social media takeovers to help you understand how the right influencer, the right content, and the right takeover strategy can benefit your brand. 

National Geographic's Women of Vision

To celebrate International Women's Day, National Geographic handed over its Instagram account to five female photographers. The photographers shared their work and stories, bringing attention to issues such as women's rights and environmental conservation.

Through this takeover, National Geographic was able to showcase the inspiring work of these women, and demonstrate its commitment to gender equality and diversity. The takeover campaign generated a lot of engagement and positive feedback from followers, as well as increased visibility and reach for National Geographic's Instagram account. 

Overall, Women of Vision was a successful social media takeover that not only celebrated the work of female photographers but also reinforced National Geographic's brand values and mission.

Vogue's 24-Hour Fashion Show

Vogue Magazine partnered with Instagram influencers to livestream a 24-hour fashion show that took place in 12 cities around the world. The social media takeover featured a number of fashion events, each showcasing a different designer or brand. Viewers were able to watch and engage with the events in real time and interact with the models and designers through live comments. The takeover attracted a global audience and generated buzz and excitement around the fashion industry. Ultimately, by leveraging the power of social media and technology, Vogue was able to create an innovative and engaging experience for its audience and promote the fashion industry in a unique and memorable way.

NASA's Instagram Takeover

NASA has hosted several social media takeovers over the years. For example, in 2019, NASA invited a group of social media influencers to tour the Johnson Space Center in Houston and share their experiences on Instagram. These influencers were given access to NASA's facilities and met with astronauts and other staff members, giving their followers an inside look at the agency's work. By partnering with social media influencers in this way, NASA was able to showcase its work in a fun and engaging way, while also inspiring the next generation of space enthusiasts.

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