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16 min read | May 27, 2019

Jordans Cereals UK campaigns analized with our Influencer Marketing Software

Over the past few years, cereals have become a trend. It is becoming more and more common to find a place to have cereals in the most modern districts of the city.

For this reason, a great number of new brands focused on this tasty snack are emerging, and “tried and trusted” brands are pulling their socks up so they don’t lag behind in between all these newfangleds.

One of them is Jordans Cereals, a cereal brand that has been running since 1855. Over 160 years! What kind of strategy has Jordans Cereals implemented on its marketing plan? A campaign with influences on Instagram.

What are this Influencer Marketing campaign’s goals?

According to the publications analyzed by our Influencer Marketing Software, we can infer this campaign’s goals are visibility and branding for two reasons.

On the one hand, with this kind of actions they want to remind their target while they are a traditional brand, they are at the forefront and they have not fallen behind. On the other hand, they have launched a new product: Milk Chocolate and Orange Crunchy Oat Granola and Influencer Marketing is one the best strategies to publicize it, especially if you choose influencers with the correct KPIs with an audience you are interested in making an impact to.

The hashtags chosen for them have been: #chocolateorange #jordanscereals, and as we can see in the dashboard, all influencers participating in the campaign have donde product placement, sometimes better integrated than others.

tools Influencer Marketing

Instagram results of the hashtag: #jordanscereals

What main KPIs did the campaign achieve?

We have chosen 7 publications out of all the participating influencers’ and these are the main results in terms of audience:

  • Most of this influencer’s audience was located in the UK and, more specifically, in London.
  • In terms of the audience’s socio-demographic profile, there was a clear difference between men and women. The female gender was 80.7% while the male gender was 19.3%.
  • The highest age range reached was 18 – 24 years with 42.2% and the following one was 25-34 with 32.9%.

Influencer Marketing Influencity

Results of, @davide.pastorino, @mellypook, @mielandmint, @selintufanoglu, @zoeleawriter, @tangoraindrop’s  publications given by Influencity Software

In general, the campaign has achieved the following KPI’s from Influencer Marketing:

  • 102.07k Social Reach.
  • 3.45% Engagement.
  • 3.52 interactions, keeping in mind 3.52 likes and 289 comments.
  • $669.58 Earned Media.

Which post worked the best?

When we talk about which post has worked the best we can differentiate it into different types of performance depending on which campaign’s goal we are focusing on. On the one hand, Engagement and on the other, Social Reach.

The post with the best Engagement data was’s which resulted in over an 8%. This data takes into account Social Reach (5,453) and interactions (462).

Influencer Marketing tools

Results of‘s publication given by Influencity Software

In terms of Social Reach, the influencer who has participated in the campaign with the largest Social Reach is @selintufanoglu who has more than 28k followers.

Influencer Marketing Software

Results of @selintufanoglu’ s publication given by Influencity Software

In contrast to Spain, all publications by UK influencers must include in their copies a hashtag indicating it is a paid Influencer Marketing campaign: #ad. And as we can see, the interactions of the audience are positive, so we can say that the audience doesn’t reject uncovered advertising on Instagram, as long as it is done with honesty and common sense.

Are you interested in doing an Influencer Marketing campaign? Get in touch with us and we will help you automate all management processes.

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