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13 min read | January 27, 2019

Instagram vs YouTube: qué plataforma escoger para tus campañas con influencers

The majority of all major brands have already stepped into the world of influencer marketing or are certainly thinking about taking the plunge. But, one of the most common doubts regarding this type of marketing, and something that has a big effect on campaign results, is choosing which social network to use to share your brand’s message. In this article, we’re going to have a look at two of most popular platforms for influencer marketing campaigns, Instagram and Youtube; but the question is, which one is better?

Benefits of using Instagram for influencer marketing campaigns

Instagram is the social network which has seen the most growth over recent years. Thanks to being a predominantly visual social network, it’s the perfect platform for promoting products with eye-catching photos. Furthermore, thanks to the new content formats it now supports, users can post videos, Instagram stories or even do a live stream using the new “Direct” feature, all of which emphasise the idea of less invasive and more natural advertising techniques which society and social media users seek in modern-day marketing.

It’s a fantastic social network for companies that wish to increase brand awareness, since it’s extremely easy to achieve high levels of social reach, if the campaign budget is correctly optimised.

It’s also important to point out that Instagram offers a wide range of creative possibilities for both Millenial and Generation Z users and acts as a source of inspiration for many.

Instagram is a superb platform for launching campaigns with objectives related to brand awareness and reaching and impacting a wider audience.

Sectors which have seen influencer marketing success on Instagram

Fashion and lifestyle are just two of the sectors which have seen success with influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram. However, in order to choose between Instagram and YouTube, it’s important to fully comprehend the campaign objectives.

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Advantages of using YouTube for influencer marketing

YouTube is the ideal social network for sharing video content with a longer duration in which a product’s functionality is explained or product reviews are shared.

Another type of campaign that works well on Youtube rather than Instagram are branding and product awareness campaigns, which are characterised by their elevated budget and goal; to communicate brand values.

When using YouTube for your marketing campaigns, it is, however, necessary to keep a close eye on campaign data and remember that YouTube is the social network with the highest user fidelity rates and that influencers’ opinions therefore represent an important part of the process.

Which sectors have seen influencer marketing success on YouTube?

YouTube is the perfect platform for campaigns promoting a product or service that requires a full debrief of its functionality or benefits. For example, the travel and tourism, sport and technology sectors have all seen great success when using YouTube for their campaigns and have seen high engagement rates.

Instagram vs YouTube: how to know which one to choose

To launch a successful marketing campaign and get a good engagement rate, it’s important to select the right social network, as well as the most suitable influencers. In this case, the options are Instagram or YouTube.

  • If you want to increase brand awareness or spark a conversation amongst your target audience, but have a reduced marketing budget, the optimal social network in this case is Instagram.
  • If what you wish to achieve is to increase product awareness or share a product review, the ideal platform for your campaign is YouTube.

Instagram vs YouTube: use the first to increase brand awareness and spark conversations and the second to promote a product.

Examples of Influencer marketing on YouTube and Instagram

Influencer campaigns on Instagram

A great example of a successful influencer marketing campaign on Instagram is that of Havaianas, whose objective was to promote one of their new products for the summer to a very specific target audience (men and women aged between 16 and 25 years old). To achieve this objective, increase brand awareness and convert users to clients, they collaborated with 50 influential profiles for their campaign.

The campaign was programmed to repeatedly impact users over the course of a week. Influencers shared photos and slow-motion videos on their stories of them jumping into water with lilos in the shape of Havaiana flip-flops. In order to ensure that the campaign was making waves, and also to prolong the duration of the campaign, the brand developed two parallel marketing actions; a competition and a raffle.

Thanks to Influencity’s Network and Campaign software features, the brand was able to efficiently manage their campaign, which was a total success and which achieved a potential reach of 2 million people and more than 140 thousand interactions.

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Influencer campaigns on YouTube

A perfect example of an influencer marketing campaign on YouTube is that of Kellogg’s, whose objective was to promote the new football trading cards that came in boxes of their cereal amongst their target audience (social media users aged between 14 and 20 years old). The brand collaborated with four influencers who formed four different teams.

The strategy consisted of a competition and a raffle, and the influencer’s video which received the most likes would be the winner. The brand chose four users who commented on the winning influencer’s video to win a year’s worth of Kellogg’s cereals.

In this particular case, choosing the correct influencers was very important and the chosen profiles had to meet the following requirements:

  • The influencer had to have a loyal following that engages with their content with likes and comment
  • Their following had to have the same demographic as the brand’s target audience
  • The influencer had to be associated with the brand’s values

The nature of the videos meant that the content was well-received amongst the target audience and encouraged high interaction and engagement rates.

Thanks to the success of the campaign, the brand was able to increase product visibility and associate the Kellogg’s brand with football.

Thanks to Influencity’s software, these campaigns were analysed and controlled at all moments, to achieve the best possible results

Still not sure which platform you should use for your next campaign? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you out!

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