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8 min read | September 15, 2018

Influencers are having a #HawaiinanSummer with Hawaiian Tropic

We all know that sun protection is of the utmost important for our skin, but it’s always good to be reminded – and what better way than via social media! The influencers who participated in legendary sunscreen brand Hawaiian Tropic’s campaign this summer certainly helped get the message across to their followers.

The sunscreen brand launched a campaign with influencers with the hashtag #HawaiianSummer to present their new products and their numerous benefits.

If we analyse the campaign hashtag, we can see more than 9,000 publications, but not all of them are from the official campaign. Since it’s not a necessarily unique hashtag, the influencers’ posts as well as the brand’s are mixed up with others that aren’t related to the brand or its campaign. This is something that happens quite regularly and should be analysed before launching a campaign to see whether or not the results will be positive.

#veranohawaiian hashtag search results

What impact did the campaign have on Instagram?

Hawaiian Tropic selected several Spanish influencers to promote their products on Instagram. Some of them raffled off products from the brand’s new sun protection range on their profiles and others simply uploaded pictures to present the new products.

But all of them had one thing in common: a photo of a top summer location and a mention of in the copy, along with the campaign hashtag: #veranohawaiian.

Influencer @tuttimarquez’s post on Instagram

What about the results?

If we take a look at some of the campaign’s top publications, we can see that the combination of the 7 posts with the best results generated an earned media of more than $34,789.28, a social reach of 3.3M, 6% engagement rate and 180k interactions.

In terms of the impacted audience, they were mostly women from Spain, the majority from Barcelona, and aged between 25 and 34 years old.

Results from Influencity’s software of the combination of 7 publications by Aida Domenech, Aretha Fusté, Helena Cueva, Ali Guijarro, Marian Pérez, Tutti Márquez and Andrea Bustamante.

The Instagram post with the best results was that of @dulceida, with nearly 30 million dollars of earned media. However, the top publication in terms of achieving the highest engagement rate was @anbusmedina’s post, with 20%.

Results from Influencity’s software of @dulceida’s post

Results from Influencity’s software of @anbusmedina’s post

After analysing the data and the main Influencer Marketing KPIs, we can see that Hawaiian Tropic’s campaign achieved very positive results. The brand was able to impact their public at the right time and place (summer), all with the help of the right influencers.

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