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5 min read | March 9, 2023

Important Product Update: New IRM Coming Soon

What’s Happening? 

We’re making some big changes to how data is structured and saved in the Influencity platform in order to give you a more flexible and scalable Influencer Relationship Management tool. These changes will directly affect our IRM product, and specifically the Influencers top menu. 

We’ve put much thought into these changes, and have designed them to respond to an evolving influencer marketing sector. Keep reading to learn more about these cool new features, and how they’ll help you manage multi-channel influencer strategies more efficiently and at scale.


What’s Old?

At present, the Influencers section lets you add an influencer to your database when you analyze a profile. This means that in order to analyze a profile and view its KPIs, you have to add it to your IRM and create an influencer to go along with it. While this process is relatively simple, it requires that you take extra steps just to check some profile stats. 

This IRM model also uses the terms influencer and profile interchangeably, which can generate confusion and does not accurately represent the roles that each of them play within a campaign. At a time when multi-channel strategies involve one influencer with multiple profiles across different social media networks, we realize that differentiating between influencers and profiles would result in more efficiency, better organization, and a more professional approach to influencer relationship management. 

What’s New?

In the new IRM, we’ll differentiate between the terms influencers and profiles.

An influencer is the person who runs the account. They have a full name and an email address and are the person you’d contact to propose a collaboration, negotiate a contract, and finalize payment details. 

A profile, on the other hand, is a social media account. This account has Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as follower engagement, follower quality, and audience demographics that are gathered and displayed in visual-first dashboards. 

These 2 aspects can be associated in Influencity’s new IRM. Just take a look at this example: 

Charli D’Amelio is a well-known influencer who carries out campaigns across various social media networks. Charli (the influencer) has several accounts (profiles) on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube:

  • Instagram: @charlidamelio
  • TikTok: @charlidamelio
  • YouTube: @CharlidAmelio

If you’ve analyzed all these profiles separately, you can view their KPIs, add them to a list, or save prices to a price historical. However, for added value and to have all of Charli’s data in one place, you can associate Charli’s different social media profiles with Charli the influencer. 

That way, you have her performance data, email address, and note and price history all in one easy-to-use place


For those of you familiar with a traditional Customer Relationship Management tool, think of profiles as the different people associated with a company contact. By associating different profiles under one entity (the company, or in this case, the influencer), you have all your data in one place and can easily maintain a record of all the interactions between your company and this contact. 


What Do I Have to Do?

Nothing! All our customer data will be migrated automatically to the new IRM. You will not lose any saved influencers or monthly analyses

As mentioned, your profiles will now be available in one IRM tab (Profiles) and your influencers in the other (Influencers). All existing profiles will be associated with their influencers automatically and any notes will be migrated to the influencers’ pages. To have all your new contact information, notes, prices, and KPIs in the same place, we encourage you to associate your new profiles with influencers. 


When Can I Get Started?

The platform will be temporarily down from April 1st at 10:00 CET to April 3rd at 8:00 CET. You’ll be able to start using the new IRM from Monday, April 3rd onwards.

Thanks, as always, for counting on Influencity!

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