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14 min read | October 12, 2022

Crypto Influencer Marketing: What it is & What it Looks Like

The influencer industry has been booming for some time now, and many different industries are taking advantage of the benefits that influencer marketing can offer them. The right influencers can help brands gain more exposure, engage with the right audience, and sell more products and services. And the cryptocurrency industry is now joining this growing marketing trend. In fact, crypto influencer marketing is now becoming widely accepted as an effective marketing tactic in the blockchain industry

Let’s take a look at what crypto influencer marketing is and how you can take advantage of this new area of influencer marketing. We’ll also discuss what channels work best for crypto brands and how using the right influencer marketing platform can help you launch an effective crypto influencer marketing campaign

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What is Crypto Influencer Marketing?

Crypto influencer marketing is a form of influencer marketing used by companies working in the cryptocurrency market. You can use a crypto influencer to endorse your brand or products so that you can reach a much larger audience and build a reputable name for yourself. Influencers use a variety of advertising strategies for this, including reviews, recommendations, and public endorsements. 

Most types of crypto influencers usually generate traffic and awareness for brands through social media sites like Twitter and YouTube. However, because this is such a niche industry, it’s important to find an influencer with experience in the blockchain market. They need to have an audience who views them as an expert in their field. And this is much harder to do than finding influencers working in more mainstream industries such as health and beauty. 

It’s also vital that the influencer you choose shares the same core values as your brand. That’s why it’s so important to use the right tools and software to find the best influencers out there. More on this shortly.

Example of Crypto Influencer Marketing

Let’s take a look at an example of a successful crypto influencer marketing campaign to help you understand how it all works.


FTX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform, “built by traders, for traders.” The brand primarily focuses on selling derivatives, options, volatility products, and leveraged tokens. FXT is one of the first blockchain brands to take advantage of crypto influencer marketing, and it has started collaborating with a range of influencers to help its brand grow. 

One of the most notable influencers the company has started working with is Tom Brady, the renowned NFL Superbowl champion. Tom Brady has become somewhat of an expert in the blockchain industry, and he also has a huge online following. FTX has also started working with the iconic model Gisele, who is well-known for promoting charities that make a positive impact in the world, including a range of humanitarian, educational and environmental causes.

By collaborating with both Tom and Gisele, FTX has been able to appeal to their fanbases and their huge organic reach in order to promote its products through one of the brand’s core values: effective altruism. And this is the key to effective crypto influencer marketing: finding influencers whose values align with those of your brand.

Which Crypto Influencer Marketing Channels are Best?

These are generally considered the two best channels for promoting crypto influencer marketing campaigns:

  • Instagram: there are many crypto experts and thought leaders having conversations on this platform. This can be a great platform for locating the best crypto influencer marketing experts.
  • YouTube: crypto influencers often share crypto news and present blockchain brands here. This can be a great platform for finding the right audience for your campaigns. Popular accounts include BitBoy, CryptoBud, and CryptoZombie.

How Can Influencity Help?

Because crypto influencer marketing is still a relatively small segment of the influencer marketing industry, one of the biggest challenges for crypto businesses is finding a suitable influencer to promote their brands. You can, of course, conduct manual searches using the #crypto hashtag, but this won’t necessarily provide you with the results you need. Plus, you still need to vet the influencer to make sure they share your core values.

Influencity can help with this. Our platform helps brands find influencers from all manner of industries, including the crypto market. 

With Influencity’s platform, you can use a combination of filters to help you find crypto influencers with the right target market following. For example, search for influencers interested in electronics and computers and zero in on the profiles that reach audiences in particular locations. Plus, our comprehensive influencer analyses allow you to see the brands that an influencer’s followers most interact with, providing you with a picture of the content they prefer. p This way, you can find influencers that suit your brand’s needs, vision and objectives and create a highly engaging crypto influencer marketing campaign for your business.

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