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12 min read | June 3, 2018

5 keys to success in Influencer Marketing

Think you know everything about Influencer Marketing (IM)? The answer is no. The sector is constantly evolving at an exponential rate. If you really want to achieve success with Influencer Marketing campaigns, we recommend you keep in mind these five key elements for success.

1- Real and authentic content

First things first; organic content is one of the most powerful ways to influence your audience. Avoiding commercial content is key, since strictly commercial campaigns don’t tend to do well in this sector.

Campaigns should look original and real in order to have an impact. It’s for this very reason that micro-influencers are able to transmit a sense of security and trust to their public; they know how to communicate their feelings and experiences in such a way that their content feels authentic. Despite not having as many followers as other popular influencers, their audience is just as important and valuable because they truly trust in the influencer’s content.

Photo by @chocanocris

For that reason, in order to create quality content, brands should trust in an influencer’s talent. An influencer marketing campaign will take form according to the influencer’s social network and their personal opinions, since they know their audience best. This will lead to more positive results for both the brand and influencers.

2- Engagement rate

It’s important that our Influencer Marketing campaign is represented by influencers who have a good level of engagement across all their social networks.

Engagement rate is defined by the level of interaction on an influencer’s publications; a combination of likes, shares and comments from their audience.

3- Instagram, the social network par excellence

Instagram is without a doubt the best social network for influencer marketing campaigns, due it’s wide range of features. Last year, 25 million companies used this social network to launch numerous influencer marketing campaigns.

One of its newest functions, Instagram Stories, is one of the main reasons for this increase in users, as it’s an effective way for influencers to immediately connect with their audience with micro-second videos.

Another recently introduced feature is “hashtag tracking”, which increases the value of published content and comes in handy when launching campaigns as you can immediately track engagement levels by creating a unique hashtag for each campaign.

Instagram’s algorithm means that every user’s feed is personalised according to their preferences, which are defined by a series of filters. By visiting an influencer’s profile once, their future content will appear more frequently in the user’s feed, which is essential for any influencer, since the number of followers varies according to their personality and the strength of their feed, which is related to their photo editing skills, as well as their style.

@lorenaferrgarr’s feed

4- Have a clear objective

It’s necessary to outline a clear and coherent strategy in order to achieve the set objectives for each campaign. The most common objectives in Influencer Marketing campaigns are the following:

  • Visibilidad
  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Traffic
  • Conversion
  • Brand loyalty

Having a clear objective is one of the most important elements to bear in mind when launching your campaign. Check out another of our posts if you wish to delve deeper into this topic: Influencer Marketing campaign objectives.

5- Influencer relationships

Your relationship with your influencer will determine the success of your brand with every campaign. Brands should aim to reach a win-win agreement with their influencers and treat them as if they were a brand themselves, with loyalty and professionality. If your relationship with your influencer is negative, your campaign results will be negative, hence why it’s so important to trust your influencer and try to make the collaboration as natural and believable as possible.

This, in turn, will have a positive effect, not just for the relationship between brand and influencer, but also for the campaign results. If the relationship is forced, this will have a negative effect on the consumer.

The more faithful the influencer is to your brand, the better the return will be. This will evoke a long-term relationship with consumers who will believe in the quality, credibility and seriousness of the brand’s content, hence why it is necessary that the chosen influencer be relevant in your brand’s sector.

There isn’t enough money in the world to change opinions; the best campaigns achieve great results thanks to the natural way in which the influencer speaks about their experience with a brand or their opinion.

Photo by @miriam_ot2017

To conclude, one of the most important elements when launching an influencer marketing campaign is selecting influencers who are loyal to your brand and who are able to express their opinions in the most sincere way possible.

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