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12 min read | October 7, 2018

The Spanish kings of travel on Instagram: Viajawäy

It defines itself as all-you-can-eat-buffet of cracking plans and has managed to completely disassociate themselves from the term “package holiday”. Its message is clear and so is its communication strategy; influencer marketing.

We’re referring to Viajawäy, a company from the Barceló group, which organises trips to the most desirable locations around the world, such as the Caribbean, Mallorca and Morocco, amongst others.

Aída Domenech, María Pombo, Marta Lozano, María F Rubíes, Oscar Casas, Gigi Vives and Daniel Illescas are part of the huge cast of influencers who have been selected to travel the world with Viajawäy, which has successfully managed to bring together some of the biggest communities from the national panorama of influencers.

Spanish influencers in a post by @viajaway

Viajawäy’s digital strategy with influencers

What are the key points of Viajawäy’s digital strategy with influencers? In this article, we’re going to take a look at a few of the elements which compose the pattern that Viajawäy follows for all of its marketing actions:

1- A well-defined target audience

If there’s one thing that’s important when drafting a marketing strategy, it’s knowing exactly who you’re trying to target, something which Viajawäy does very well.

Their target audience is university students, specifically those who follow influencers such as María Pombo, Oscar Casas or Daniel Illescas on social media platforms. Viajawäy know just how to impact their target audience and generate a need amongst them to live the same experiences as the people who inspire them.

2- Strong corporate content

This is a huge benefit of collaborating with the hottest influencers of the moment; everything they touch turns to into “insta-gold”. In fact, Viajawäy’s corporate Instagram profile and their official website are composed solely of pictures of influencers in the many exotic destinations they promote, all of which generates a sense of credibility for the user.

Biel Juste, Marc Forné and Aída Domenech on Viajawäy’s official website

3- Community

In relation to the previous point, Viajawäy not only uses influencers as models to promote their destinations, but they define them as best friends of the brand. This helps generate a sense of community and forge long term relationships with them, which is positive not just for their collaborations, but for the target audience, too.

Extract from

4- Dreamy destinations

Nothing catches a consumer’s eye like a beach with golden sands and turquoise waters. Mix that together with a bunch of influencers and you’ve got a recipe for success. In that sense, the destinations pretty much sell themselves, but their appeal is emphasised through the stunning images posted on Instagram.

@nataliacoll on the beach in the Dominican Republic. Picture from @viajaway’s profile

5- Continuous promotions

Another key point from Viajawäy’s communication strategy is the promotions that they are constantly rolling out, such as giveaways, in which influencers act as loudspeakers, and which help reinforce the brand’s image and expand their Instagram community, achieving more visibility and capturing potential clients.

María Pombo promoting a Viajawäy giveaway on her Instagram

Aída Domenech promoting a Viajawäy giveaway on her Instagram

How do the influencers posts help the brand?

Now that we know the key points of Viajawäy’s well thought-out digital marketing strategy, let’s take a look at some of the influencers’ posts, more specifically, the giveaways we mentioned previously that @mariapombo and @dulceida promoted on their Instagram profiles.

Results via Influencity’s software of @maripombo and @aidadomenech’s publications

2,761,034 views, more than half a million dollars of earned media and 180% engagement rate achieved with just two videos, as well as continuous publications and other marketing actions by two of the biggest influencers in Spain. Viajawäy has, without a doubt, found the recipe for resounding success, or at least it would appear so, thanks to their nearly 200,000 followers on Instagram. You too can achieve these results by launching an influencer marketing campaign with Influencity.

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