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7 min read | April 21, 2023

The Benefits of Using Influencer Discovery Tools

In today’s post, we’ll discuss the advantages of using influencer discovery tools to identify the right influencers for your campaigns. We’ll cover topics including audience demographics, influencer metrics, and how you can use data and technology to optimize your influencer partnerships.

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What Are Influencer Discovery Tools?

Influencer discovery tools are a type of marketing tool that you can use to find and connect with influencers. With these tools, you get access to a database of influencers, and you can usually apply filters to narrow your search results and find the perfect fit for your campaigns.

For example, with Influencity’s Discover tool, you get access to a large database of influencers with search engine filters for exploring by content style, location, products, social media platforms, audience size and demographics, interests, and segmentation. This helps you find influencers who align with your brand values and campaign objectives. Some solutions, like Influencity’s platform, also include collaboration tools to help you nurture and develop your influencer partnerships.

Benefits of Using Influencer Discovery Tools

So, why are these influencer marketing tools so essential? What are the specific benefits of using them?

Let’s find out.

Access to Valuable Audience Demographics

Influencer discovery tools provide you with access to valuable audience demographics. This includes age, gender, location, and interests. All this helps you ensure that the influencer you collaborate with is reaching a relevant audience that is more likely to take an interest in your brand.

Some solutions also include features for checking the quality of an influencer’s audience. For example, Influencity’s platform includes audience analysis tools to help you check that an audience is genuine, active, and engaged. These tools evaluate an influencer’s profile and audience and calculate an Audience Quality Score based on engagement rates, follower activities, and the quality of responses generated by their posts. 

Access to insights like these is essential when you consider how often certain influencers purchase fake followers and bots to falsely inflate their audience size.

Influencer Metrics Analysis

It’s just as important to make sure that an influencer is capable of generating the results you expect. That’s why it’s so important to pick an influencer discovery tool with features for reviewing influencer performance metrics. This gives you valuable insight into aspects including engagement rates, past collaborations, follower and like growth over time, and a number of other campaign performance KPIs. That way, you can make an informed, data-driven decision about the influencer that you choose to work with. With Influencity’s automation software, you get access to all this data from a centralized dashboard

Your journey with an influencer doesn’t stop when you find them; you also need to be sure that the campaign they have launched for your brand is meeting performance expectations. Although influencer discovery tools don’t specifically help you with this, a comprehensive platform like Influencity includes a range of tools and features for tracking every aspect of your campaign, including engagement, earned media value, and cost breakdowns. That way, you can keep your finger on the pulse and make sure that you are getting a good return on your influencer marketing investment.

Optimized Influencer Partnerships

The potential to build a profitable long-term relationship with an influencer is another important aspect to consider when you conduct your searches. After all, you don’t want to go through the entire process of finding, vetting, and reaching out to influencers each time you launch a campaign. Plus, the longer you collaborate with an influencer, the more they will understand your brand. This is essential for maintaining brand consistency and credibility.

When you search for influencer discovery tools, look for a platform that also includes an Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) tool. This type of technology helps you organize and manage every aspect of your collaboration.

For example, Influencity’s IRM tool gives you access to a centralized interface where you can store all your influencer data. Simple create an influencer profile and associate their various social media profiles to have all their performance stats and public contact information in one place. From here, members of your team can write notes specifying details about your collaboration and specify the prices paid for sponsored photos, videos, and reels.  This way, you know exactly where you are with each influencer, and you have all the information you need to optimize your influencer partnerships.

Streamlined Processes

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of using influencer discovery tools is that it streamlines your entire discovery process. Instead of spending hours manually searching through individual profiles on social media, you can automate your search and access all the insights you need from a centralized dashboard. This saves you a huge amount of time that you can instead spend on more strategic aspects of your influencer marketing campaigns.

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