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8 min read | December 26, 2022

Top 5 Influencer Outreach Software to Scale Your Campaigns

In order to get the most from your influencer marketing campaigns, it’s important to use the right software. The right influencer outreach software and tools can help you find suitable influencers, identify and filter out fake profiles, manage your collaborations, and measure campaign performance. Basically, using these tools can provide you with end-to-end support so that you can launch an effective campaign and reach your ROI objectives.

Let’s take a look at what influencer outreach software is, and which applications you should include in your marketing tech stack in order to scale up your campaigns.

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What Is Influencer Outreach Software?

There are a number of processes you need to follow when you prepare and launch an influencer marketing campaign. To start with, you need to do a lot of research in order to find the best influencer for your campaign. You need to draw up a shortlist, find contact info, analyze metrics, research hashtags, verify audience quality, and make sure that an influencer’s personality and values align with those of your brand. Then once you’ve found a good fit, you need to negotiate a deal and build a solid relationship so that your chosen influencer understands what your campaign objectives are. 

That’s a lot of work.

You can, of course, do all of this manually. But it takes a lot of time and uses up a lot of your valuable resources. And time is money, after all.

Influencer outreach software is a far more efficient way of managing the end-to-end influencer marketing process. The right applications can help you streamline the entire process and automate your tasks. You can use AI-driven tools to filter through database search results and automile compile performance data into reports. And this leaves you with a lot more time to focus on strategy and tactics so that you can make data-driven decisions about your campaigns. 

Provided you use the right software, that is.   

Top 5 Influencer Outreach Software Solutions

With so many different types of influencer outreach software on the market, all claiming to be the answer to your problems, it can sometimes be difficult to know which types are worth investing in.

We’re here to make things easier for you.

Here are 5 influencer outreach software solutions that will help you easily scale your campaigns, whether you choose to focus on influencer marketing or brand ambassadors.

Influencer Database & Search Filters

An influencer database is a form of influencer outreach software that you can use to search for talented and experienced influencers. Many let you run searches based on performance metrics, brand affinity, audience demographics, and more. A good software will also let you take a sneak peak at profiles to get an idea of content formats. This is a far quicker way of creating a shortlist of potential influencers compared to manually searching for candidates on each social media platform.  

Many influencer outreach software databases include search filters to help you find the most relevant content creators for your brand. For example, you can use tools to filter your search by geographic location, interests, number of followers, growth over the past 6 months, and engagement rates. You can also use hashtag and keyword filters to see which topics are trending in your industry, then include these hashtags in your posts to boost your reach.


Influencer Relationship Management Tool

Once you’ve found the perfect influencer for your campaign, you need tools to manage your ongoing collaboration

This is where an influencer relationship management (IRM) tool can help. 

For example, Influencity’s IRM is designed to support you during each step of your influencer relationship, from measuring and comparing KPIs and making contact, to following up on campaigns and communicating feedback. All this helps you develop a more meaningful connection with your influencers so that they better understand your brand and the goals of your campaign. 

Performance and ROI measurement 

The next step in your campaign, once you’ve found an influencer, negotiated an agreement, and started to develop your relationship, is launching and monitoring your campaign. And influencer outreach software can help with this, too. 

Make sure you look for influencer outreach software that includes features for tracking campaign performance and measuring your ROI in real-time. The best solutions should also include features for creating affiliate links and customized coupons. Plus, you need tools for measuring the engagement of your campaigns and creating reports on your Earned Media Value (EMV).

Fake Influencer Detection Software

Finally, one of the easiest ways to damage your brand reputation is by collaborating with a fake influencer. This is someone who has built up a fake audience by purchasing bots and ghost profiles and by participating in follow-for-follow groups.

To make sure that the influencer you work with is genuine, you need to use influencer outreach software that includes features for fake influencer detection. This will help you identify any suspicious accounts so that you can ensure you only collaborate with influencers that have real audiences with a genuine interest in what they have to say.

The ultimate influencer outreach software solution

Ideally, you should look for influencer outreach software that centralizes all the features we have discussed today. That way, you can manage each stage of your campaigns from a unique interface and avoid any confusion or miscommunications in your team. 

For example, with Influencity’s influencer outreach software you can analyze an influencer’s follower counts, earned media, engagement ratios, and performance KPIs to make sure they are a good fit for your brand. You can also run proprietary analyses to detect real and fake followers and determine the level of authenticity of an influencer’s audience. That way, you can be sure that you find the best influencer for your brand and develop the right level of affinity for a successful campaign.

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