Blanca Suarez para la campaña de Samsung

Samsung’s #somosSMARTgirl campaign

Influencer Marketing works – just ask Samsung Spain. Thanks to their latest campaign’s hashtag, #SomosSMARTgirl (in English #WeareSMARTgirls), they were able to successfully launch and market several new mobile phones, such as the Samsung Note8, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, to a female target audience.

#SomosSMARTgirl was devised to catch the eye of those who love fashion and design. To do so, they created a series of designs that fit in with the brand’s image and are attractive to consumers. It’s not all material though; through the use of their hashtag, they brand sought to share stories and send a special message with the help of their influencers.


Many influencers participated in the diffusion of the hashtag, but only the following 11 females were chosen to share their stories: Paula Echevarría, Blanca Suárez, Bely Basarte, Beatriz Matallana, Sara Bueno, Bibiana Fernández, Gemma Mengual,Cristina Oria, Esther Holgado, Gemma Reig and Beatriz Gaspar.

The collaborators were not all influencers from the world of fashion, but actresses too, such as Blanca Suárez and Paula Echevarría, who reinforced the brand’s image by posting elegant and attractive content.


Furthermore, not all of the influencers selected for this campaign are necessarily famous, but they’re all real and authentic women who work hard.

The message that Samsung wanted to get across to its target audience is clear; being a SMART girl is about setting yourself challenges, smashing goals, laughing, crying, feeling liberated, but most of all, enjoying life!

Each one of the girls used in this campaign transmitted a different message, sharing their achievements and showing their most authentic side. Many of them have continued to collaborate with the brand for the launch of other mobile phones.


Here are the campaign’s most successful posts:


The product appears in each of the photos, along with an explanation of its characteristics and the campaign hashtag. The brand is also tagged in the photo.

Each post had a unique feature and the influencers knew how to perfectly combine the campaign’s message with the product.

A great example of this, is @pau_eche’s post, who demonstrated the product’s main functions.

Photo from Paula Echevarria’s profile

The audience response was very positive and you can see that the product really caught their attention.


In terms of its desired target audience, the campaign successfully managed to reach a female public (83%) between 25 and 34 years old, primarily living in Madrid, Spain.


If we analyse the metrics, we can see that, with the help of the 11 influencers who participated in this campaign, the brand was able to achieve huge results.

The campaign’s earned media was 404,984.77$. If you want to find out more about earned media, you can read more in one of our previous blog posts.

The campaign had a social reach of 22.3M people and, thanks to the 18 posts published by influencers, received a total of 2.1M interactions.

The campaign’s engagement rate stands at 9.57%, which is a very positive result.

After having analysed the campaign results, the question is, was the campaign’s message successfully communicated to the audience?

Let’s take a look at the hashtag’s performance on Instagram.

Many women were able to identify with this campaign and promoted the hashtag by taking a photo of themselves with the mobile phone.

The audience’s response was incredible. Through the campaign’s hashtag, the brand was able to create a community of women who identified with the message that we are all SMART girls.



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