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15 min read | December 25, 2018

Influencer Marketing: Sectors with best results achieved

Over the past years, influencer marketing has grown at an exponential rate and it has quickly become an essential marketing strategy for the vast majority of companies across all sectors.

Some companies, however, are still questioning whether their market niche is adapted to influencer marketing strategies. In this article, we’re going to take a look at which sectors tend to see the best results with these types of strategies.

Why is influencer marketing so effective?

Influencer marketing has quickly become the most effective marketing strategy for a number of reasons:

  • Firstly, due to the increase in volume and popularity of social campaigns.

Said campaigns are particularly interesting for brands that wish to distinguish themselves across different social channels and reach wider and more varied audiences.

  • The growth of social networks has lead to the creation of communities surrounding different themes, groups and, of course, people.

These people are known as influencers and have managed to reach a big volume of users with their content and become advisers and even role models.

The success of influencer marketing strategies is all down to the proximity between influencers and their followers. Being natural is one of the most commonly sought-after features when developing marketing strategies, which is exactly what characterizes these profiles.

Advantages of influencer marketing campaigns compared to other marketing actions

Here are some of the main advantages of launching influencer marketing campaigns:

●      Visibility

Influencer marketing campaigns improve brand visibility, since influencers act as loudspeakers and increase brand awareness with their publications. As a result of this visibility, brand positioning and reputation also improve.

●      Reach

Achieving a higher reach is another of the benefits of working with influencers, and closely related to visibility. Thanks to their high number of followers, brands are able to reach a much bigger audience through working with influencers.

●      Humanise your brand

Another of the advantages of influencer marketing campaigns is that they help humanise your brand. Although these profiles are very popular and sometimes even become celebrities, influencers are normal human beings, which is precisely why they’re admired by their followers.

Influencer marketing has three main advantages: visibility, reach and brand humanization

Influencer Marketing: which sectors get the best results

Firstly, we should point out that, thanks to the diversity of social networks and their users, it’s easy to find influencers for all industries.

It is true, however, that influencer marketing strategies tend to get better results when applied to those industries which promote products through the use of videos or images.

With the development and growing confidence in influencer marketing campaigns, even sectors that promote services and not materials are able to implement these types of strategies into their marketing plans and influence user purchase behavior and decision making processes.

Which sectors are the most popular for influencer marketing strategies?

Despite there being influencers for all industries, there are certain sectors which have seen more success with these types of marketing actions:

●      Fashion and accessories

The fashion industry is constantly generating new trends online, making it easy to create visual and attractive content for users.

●      Technology

The technology sector is also constantly generating new trends. The existence of experts and the possibility to write product reviews has been key in the increase of collaborations between influencers and technological brands.

●      Cosmetic products and makeup

Reviews, tutorials and demonstrating the effectiveness of cosmetic products are all key for influencer marketing within this industry.

The audience is constantly looking for new products and want to see how they work. Makeup tutorials by influencers, for example, achieve outstandingly high engagement rates.

●      Healthy eating and sporting goods

Healthy eating is becoming more and more important. This growing trend is reflected in the increase in related content being posted on social media and the users who are interested in seeking advice and trying new products.

●      Toys

We’re starting to see more and more marketing campaigns for toys aimed at a younger audience, particularly on in the form of audiovisual content on YouTube.

●      Leisure and free time, tourism and travel

In this sector, it’s incredibly easy to create content to inspire users and connect with their emotions, whilst promoting unique and attractive experiences that they’ll want to recreate.

Influencer marketing success cases per industry

Still having doubts about the effectiveness of influencer marketing? We have the solution! Take a look at the following success cases from each one of the most popular industries:

Fashion and cosmetics

One of the most recent examples of influencer marketing success on Instagram with a cosmetic product is that of Álvaro Kruse with his brand, Krush, which managed to sell out all products within the first few days of them going on sale.

So, how did he do it? Thanks to content posted by influencers on their stories and the looks created by their fans, Krush’s Instagram account now has more than 20k followers.


One of the most well-known campaigns from the tech industry took place on Youtube a few years ago. The campaign for Canon’s latest product, the G7 X camera, used primarily by vloggers, launched this product into the limelight and smashed sales.

Food and sporting goods

Many companies in Spain have seen great success thanks to influencer marketing strategies on Instagram. The most notable are MyBodyGenius or My Protein, whose products are often completely sold out.


Amongst the most popular toys sold over past years are the infamous “Slime” and “Kinetic Sand”, which quickly became must-haves for any kid thanks to their diffusion by influencers on Youtube.

Experiences (hotels, travel and leisure)

Thanks to the power of social networks, Barceló Viajes positioned itself as a travel agency for the younger generation with one of its most famous actions with influencers: Viajaway.

Find out more about Viajaway

Which social networks are best for collaborating with influencers?

Working with influencers on social networks is one of the best decisions a brand can make. Instagram is currently the reigning champion of social networks and has quickly become the best platform for these types of marketing campaigns. But, why?

  • Firstly, thanks to the nature of the social network, which is predominantly visual, but also supports audiovisual content. The Instagram Stories feature and live streaming has increased the generation of natural content, which is what social medias users are looking for.
  • Thanks to its visibility parameters, which are unbeatable by all other social networks.

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It’s important to remember that the social network you choose will depend on your campaign objectives, which is why it’s important to establish them from the outset, as well as staying up-to-date with the user patterns and preferences on each social network.

Instagram is the perfect platform if your brand wants to reach new audiences, increase client loyalty or launch new products and, of course, increase engagement.

Want to find out more about how to launch influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram? Take a look at this post.

You can also see which Influencer marketing KPIs will help you achieve success by downloading our free Ebook.

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