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16 min read | November 17, 2018

YouTube Influencer Marketing: How to Create a Campaign

Despite originally being conceived as an entertainment platform, during its immense growth over past years, YouTube has become much more than just this. YouTube Marketing, for example, gives brands the opportunity to carry out campaigns on this social network in a series of different ways. In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to execute YouTube marketing campaigns with influencers.

Marketing departments hold Youtube in just as high regard as they do Google, thanks to the considerable amount of traffic it generates and the fact that video content is currently under higher demand than ever and has proved very useful when promoting sales. A brilliant example of this is Desahogada’s video with influencer Dulceida, which managed to sell out Sephora’s red lipstick in stores around Spain in just 24 hours.

Youtube, however, just like any other platform, has its distinctive features. You need to have some basic coding knowledge and understand the platform’s user demographic and the reasons behind why they use this social network, in order to achieve optimal commercial performance.

Industry experts have been busy working on defining certain areas of digital marketing, based on how each social media platform functions. Just as user behavement and expectations vary across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, YouTube has its own set of rules.

“Understanding what exactly users expect from a YouTube channel is fundamental for getting the most out of this social network”

What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube Marketing can be described as a series of actions which aim to increase the commercial performance of content uploaded to YouTube.

Despite purely commercial content not being well received on YouTube, there is a significant amount of users who use this platform with a didactic intention or to look up product information before making a purchase. For example, with cosmetics, many users watch tutorials and then purchase products used in said videos.

Youtube marketing means refining traditional marketing and sales techniques, “seducing” users with video content and speaking with a much more up-close and personal lexis.

“For content to be successful on Youtube, it must be high quality and resolve any doubts potential clients may have”

That’s where content creators come into the picture. People who dominate the aforementioned lexis and who have a special talent for connecting with their audience through videos which are entertaining and which help form an unconditionally loyal following.

When should I use YouTube Marketing?

  1. When you have branding objectives and want to launch a campaign with a high production level which transmits a specific message.
  2. When you want to present a new product and want a more complete recommendation from an influencer. Promo videos for technological products (mobile phones, in particular) are particularly successful on this platform, as well as make-up and cosmetics, since influencers can upload videos in which they’re using the product and demonstrating the results.
  3. When you want to achieve a high engagement rate.
  4. When you have a bigger budget, since a considerable investment is required when launching campaigns on YouTube, in comparison with other social networks.

Youtube marketing with influencers

Brands capitalise on an influencer’s ability to empathise with their audience, as well as their followers’ loyalty, to execute successful YouTube marketing campaigns.

Commercial language and obvious sales pitches are not received well by YouTube users, so the best solution for brands is to go for a more subtle, entertaining and casual approach, with the help of influencers.

Thanks to content creators, brands can make a profit without having to create exclusively commercial content and gain relevance and visibility amongst their target audience through the voice of somebody who they trust, without having to depend on other types of advertising.

Sounds simple, right? But, executing these types of campaigns tends to be more complicated.

“There are many elements to take into account when launching an influencer marketing campaign and it’s not always easy”

To make the process easier, the campaign and the relationships with influencers need to be clearly defined. Let’s take a look.

Steps for launching a YouTube Influencer Marketing campaign

Launching a Youtube Influencer Marketing campaign requires making a series of decisions and carrying out specific actions during different phases of the campaign. The majority of those actions will occur before launching the campaign, since preparation is the key to success.

To determine the necessary steps, we can divide the bulk of the campaign into three steps:

Before the campaign:

This initial phase begins with clearly defining the campaign objectives and the target audience. The brand should create a document in which the basic creative lines are established, without going into too much detail, since the chosen influencer should have sufficient room for maneuver so as to make sure that the content fits in with their style.

Once the campaign message and target audience have been clearly defined, it’s time to select the perfect influencer.

The next step is to clearly establish the legal obligations of the collaboration, such as the economic compensation and other relevant details that define the link between influencer and brand during the campaign.

Once all of the aforementioned actions have been completed, the influencer can start creating the video content for the campaign. The brand should have the option to review the content before its publication in order to request any necessary modifications.

During the campaign:

The bulk of the work has already been completed in the first phase and the next two are much more simple, but just as important.

With everything ready, it’s now time to publish the video and manage viewer interactions. It’s important to pay close attention to feedback by the public since this is valuable data for creating future campaigns.

After the campaign:

The final phase of the campaign is mostly analytic. It’s important to register the results in the most detailed way possible, with figures and statistics which can provide relevant information.

Video views and comments must be interpreted in relation with the cost of the campaign in order to obtain solid data to evaluate the profitability.

Tips for your YouTube Influencer Marketing Campaign

Ready to launch your Youtube Influencer Marketing campaign? Here are some tips to help you get the best results from your campaign:

  • Don’t forget about SEO: although most of your video’s views will come from the influencer’s followers, every little detail that helps you reach more people, counts. Make sure the video has keywords related to your target audience and that your brand is mentioned in the description.
  • Offer discount codes: sometimes it can be difficult to measure the impact a campaign has had on sales. By offering discount codes, you can see which sales are a direct result of the video. You will, however, need an Influencer Marketing tool to obtain a real figure.
  • The audience’s demographic is more important than the volume. You will get much better results if you chose an influencer whose followers perfectly match your target audience’s profile, than if you were to choose an influencer with a larger, more diverse following.

Influencity Can Help You with Your Youtube Influencer Marketing

As we’ve seen in this article, one of the most important aspects when launching a successful Youtube influencer marketing campaign is selecting the perfect influencer.

With Influencity, you can choose influencers based on a large number of criteria, from what topics they tend to talk about to their audience demographic.

Whatever your campaign objective, finding the best influencers for your Youtube marketing campaign is easy with Influencity’s software. Brands that wish to venture into the world of YouTube marketing can considerably increase their chances of success by using reliable data about influencer profiles.

Taking a chance on Youtube marketing is, in many cases, a winning move if executed correctly, and leaving it up to professionals is the best decision a brand could make to get good results in a short amount of time, without having to waste a big chunk of their budget on trial and error processes.

Do you need help putting together an influencer marketing campaign? Get in touch and we’ll give you a hand!

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