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7 min read | May 30, 2018

How can you achieve sales through Social Media?

In digital marketing, the most desired result is lead conversion. If you’re not able to convert leads, then perhaps you should ask yourself what it is you’re doing wrong.

Let’s take a look at what this term means and in what campaign actions we find it.

Lead conversion is the act of transforming clients

If we apply this definition to digital marketing campaigns, lead conversion is what you hope to happen when a user accesses your website. Lead conversion is present in every single action that forms part of an influencer marketing campaign, from the moment your potential client becomes aware of your product’s existence, to the interest or necessity it generates, to the eventual purchase.

For that very reason, conversion is a campaign action determined by a brand which has not been specifically searched for by the user. Lead conversion, therefore, is the moment the user clicks on the marketed content and executes the key actions established in the campaign strategy to help the brand achieve their objectives, which could be the purchase of a product, subscribing to a newsletter or downloading an e-book, amongst others.

68% of users search for references on social networks before buying online, via @albertoalcocer

Now we’ve defined the concept of lead conversion, we’re going to look at how we can achieve it through social networks:

  • Offering quality content
  • Sharing your landing page
  • Measure, measure and measure
  • Maintain contact with your leads and clients

Offer quality content

Content is the most powerful weapon you can use when trying to attract new clients. A report by Ascend2 confirms just that, stating that it accounts for 45% of lead conversion.

The content you create on social networks is fundamental for generating quality leads and increasing your conversion rate. Content must be interesting and provide your potential clients with solutions to their problems or solve their doubts.

Share your landing page

Why not make it easy for your potential client and send them directly to the site where your lead conversion action is located, whether it be a subscription or a purchase.

Measure, measure and measure

 Measuring data is a fundamental part of any campaign, as it tells you what percentage of visits to your website, blog or landing page derive from social networks. It’s also extremely important to measure how many of these visitors proceed to purchase, subscribe or complete the previously devised conversion action.

Keep in touch with your leads and clients

Finally converted some leads? Congratulations! But now’s not the time to sit back and relax; the conversion doesn’t end there! You now need to take care of your recently converted leads, maintain an effective level of communication and uphold a solid online presence.


A satisfied and therefore loyal client will always give you better results than a new client. With their product recommendations, you could end up converting more leads.

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