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6 min read | December 23, 2022

4 Types of Twitch Streamers that Are Changing the Game

Most people that are familiar with Twitch know that it can be a great place to make a bit of money if you know what you’re doing. In fact, the top 100 Twitch streamers make a minimum of $32,850 USD per month via subs, bit donations, and ads alone. 

But did you know that Twitch can also be a great platform to launch an influencer marketing campaign and reach a large audience? The key is finding the right streaming category for your brand.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at what Twitch streaming is and 4 types of Twitch streamers that are changing the game. 

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What Is Twitch?

With 15 million daily active users, Twitch is the biggest online video game streaming platform in the world. It was originally promoted as a site for gamers to watch or participate in live video game play-throughs. The platform’s name comes from the term “twitch gaming”, which relates to fast paced games that challenge a player’s reaction time. Users can watch live streams for free or upgrade to a Premium account where they can cheer on streamers with Bits (Twitch’s on-platform currency). Streamers can also make money through crowdsourcing and working with sponsors.

More recently, the platform has branched out to other areas and content creators now share live broadcasts of sporting events, cookery shows, podcasts, music broadcasts, and "in real life" streams, among other categories. Users can watch content they’re interested in, connect with streamers, and leave comments. They can also join online communities of like-minded people and form meaningful connections

The live streaming site is becoming an increasingly relevant marketing platform these days. This is because companies can collaborate with influential Twitch streamers to reach new audiences and effectively promote their brands. By finding an influencer from the right streaming category, they can target specific online communities, broadcast branded streams, and increase awareness of their products

4 Types of Twitch Streamers that Are Changing the Game

The key to marketing success on this platform comes down to finding the right Twitch streamer for your particular brand. This means finding a streamer with the right community that aligns with the values and personality of your products or services. You need to understand which category of Twitch streamer would work best for your campaign, and the type of content you need to promote to attract the attention of their audience.

Let’s take a look at 4 types of Twitch streamers that are currently changing the game. Think about your own brand when you read the following descriptions to see if any of these categories might work well for your campaigns. That will help you find the right type of influencer for your brand.

Video Games: Variety & Pro Twitch Streamers

If you are a video game brand, then you will have access to the biggest pool of Twitch streamers. There are two types of video game streamers on the platform: variety streamers and pro streamers.

As the name suggests, variety streamers broadcast different types of gaming streams. This might be different games or different categories of games. For example, a variety streamer might broadcast content for Fortnite and Sims. They offer an analysis of the games they stream, share valuable tips, and form connections with fans of the games.

Pro Twitch streamers, also known as Poggers, do much of the same but  focus exclusively on one game. They promote themselves as experts and attract audiences thanks to their particular skills and the enthusiasm they share about the game. 


Just Chatting Twitch Streamers

"Just Chatting" Twitch streamers are an increasingly popular category on the platform. They promote themselves as community hosts and strive to entertain their audience

These streamers comment on a range of different categories. This includes cooking, funny videos, singing, and sport, among other categories. Their ultimate goal is to get to know new people and build communities of like-minded individuals. This makes them very effective at influencer marketing, provided you pick a streamer that promotes a topic related to your brand. 

Host Twitch Streamers

Host Twitch streamers are similar to “just chatting” streamers in that their aim is to entertain their audience with conversation. However, this type of streamer acts like more of a show or podcast host. They promote organized chit-chat and share their opinions on their favorite topic. They have a clear vision of what captivates their audience, which means they are best suited to relevant niche brands.

Art Twitch Streamers

The final type of streamer that is currently making waves on Twitch relates to art. Art streamers share live streams about anything related to the art world. This includes painting, illustration, graphic design, sculpting, knitting, and digital art. They are very creative and passionate, and the most popular Twitch streamers in this category have established themselves as experts in their field. This makes them ideal for promoting creative brands that work in this industry. 

How to find the right influencers for your brand

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