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7 min read | January 27, 2023

3 Niche Influencers You Can Use to Improve Your Marketing

Working with a relevant niche influencer can be a powerful way to promote your brand. Although their audiences might be smaller, niche influencers can help you target specific segments of the market that you may not otherwise be able to reach.

In this post, we are going to take a look at the definition of niche influencers and discuss how they can benefit your business. We will also share a few popular types of niche influencers to help you find the right fit for your brand. 

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Niche Influencers: Definition & Benefits

Let’s start with the definition of niche. A niche is a small and specialized segment of the market for a particular type of product or service. Niche products and services satisfy specific needs, and they are usually aimed at a certain category of target consumer.

Niche influencers follow this same broad definition. They are marketing influencers who have built a reputation for exclusively promoting specific types of brands. This includes fashion, beauty, sports and fitness, healthy eating, home improvement, or entertainment, amongst hundreds of other market segments. 

Because niche influencers focus specifically on one topic, they tend to be regarded as experts. This means that their followers are more trusting of what they say, and their endorsements are viewed as being more authentic. What’s more, because their audiences tend to be smaller than those of mega and celebrity influencers, they tend to have more time to interact with their followers. This means they usually generate much higher levels of loyalty and engagement.

Niche influencers can be a great solution for niche brands that are looking to target a specific group of consumers. They are particularly effective at raising brand awareness and providing product validation. If you’re looking to get your brand in front of a niche, engaged, and relevant audience that is more likely to buy your products, then this could be the best influencer marketing strategy for you.

Choosing The Right Type of Niche Influencer for Your Brand

There are as many types of niche influencers out there as there are niche markets. This is great news for brands as, even if you are targeting a highly specialized segment of the consumer market, you can probably find someone who is a good match for you. 

We obviously can’t cover every single type here, so in the following section, we are going to focus on a few of the most popular types of niche influencers. This should give you an idea of how these types of marketers can benefit your brand, provided you find the right niche. 

Whichever type of niche influencer you choose to work with, make sure you conduct thorough research before you approach them. These days, there are many fake influencers out there so it’s important to make sure that a niche influencer’s audience is genuine before collaborating with them. 


Home Improvement Niche Influencers  

Home improvement has never been so popular. During the pandemic lockdowns and the endless hours that we all spent at home, increasing numbers of people developed a newly found interest in DIY and home improvement. As a result, home improvement niche influencers are now dominating platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. Their aim is to inspire their followers with creative ideas for home decor and renovations, DIY hacks, and simple tips and ideas for improving their living spaces. And this makes them ideal for brands that sell interior design products, tools, furniture, paint, and home furnishings.

Fashion Niche Influencers

There is a wide range of fashion influencers currently promoting content on Instagram, each specializing in their own niche. This includes stylists, makeup artists, personal shoppers, and fashion models. Some promote vintage fashion, others haute couture, and others target shoppers on a budget

These types of niche influencers can help upcoming labels make a name for themselves and reach a larger and more attentive targeted audience. They are also highly effective at making established fashion brands seem more approachable and consumer friendly. This means they can be a good option for all types of brands in the fashion industry, regardless of niche or company size. 

Twitch Streamers

The third type of niche influencer that we are going to discuss today is Twitch streamers. These are online gaming streamers, and there are many different types of Twitch streamers currently changing the game.  

Each niche influencer account on the renowned gaming platform has its own specialized and dedicated following. Some broadcast content for specific games like Fortnite and Sims 4, while others promote themselves as more generalized community hosts. Others again promote a range of non-gaming categories such as cooking and sport. Their goal is to get to know new people and build communities of like-minded individuals.

Although there are many different types, all the niche influencers on the platform, and in the niche influencer industry in general, have one thing in common: they are able to sway specialized audiences towards promoted products and services. And this is a highly valuable marketing tool for brands of all shapes and sizes. 

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