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5 min read | May 30, 2018

4 reasons why you should launch an Influencer Marketing campaign

It’s no secret that the Influencer Marketing industry is booming. As we’ve seen in previous articles, the investment growth percentage in this sector currently stands at 143%. So, still having doubts about whether or not you should launch your own influencer marketing campaign? Let’s take a look at four reasons that may just make you take the plunge:

  1. From intangible to tangible results

Launching an influencer marketing campaign is a great way to achieve objectives related to brand awareness, visibility and customer loyalty. At a glance, these objectives are intangible, so the question is, how can we measure them?

We can interpret and evaluate the success of a campaign thanks to several different KPI’s such as engagement rate, interactions, earned media and social reach.

“But what about sales?”, we hear you ask. Thanks to data such as the number of clicks on a profile mention or a link, or the infamous “swipe up” feature, we can see how much of an impact a publication has had in terms of the volume of traffic generated or the conversion rate.

Another way of evaluating campaign results is by measuring the number of discount codes used upon purchase or by analysing hashtag performance.

Photo by Gotzon Mantuliz for a Foodspring campaign

What’s the key to closing more sales? Choosing the right influencer. If the influencer chosen for the campaign has an affinity with the product and credibility with their audience, your campaign is bound to be a success.

2 Increase brand credibility

As we mentioned previously, analysing an influencer’s credibility is a core strategy when choosing which profile to use in your campaign. If we want our target audience to fall in love with our brand, we have to find influencers who are able to create believable content that’s related to the product we’re trying to market.

How can we know if someone is credible? Engagement rate and follower quality is essential when determining if someone has gained their audience’s trust. A high engagement rate, good level of conversation, an audience made up of real followers and affinity with the product is a recipe for success.

(Data from beauty guru @esbatt)

3 Better brand positioning

Brand positioning is important not only in the mind of the consumer, but in the digital environment. Thanks to hashtags and SEO strategies, brands can position themselves better online, securing themselves the top spots on search engines or social networks.

Photo by Luna Sobrino from the Maybelline campaign

4. The human factor is key

This is possibly the most important factor of any influencer marketing campaign. Word-of-mouth, brand loyalty… call it whatever you want, but the ability to communicate truthful, organic and creative messages that aren’t over commercialised, will allow your communication strategy to impact consumers in a way traditional methods never could.

Photo by Javier Ambrossi

To conclude, we’ve seen four simple characteristics of Influencer Marketing campaigns that have reinvented traditional communication strategies in order to bring brands closer than ever to the consumer.

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