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22 min read | February 20, 2021

10 kid influencers killing it on YouTube

It’s fairly common knowledge that YouTube is somewhere you can find all different types of content for all different types of audiences, and a place you can spend hours and hours watching videos which cater to your likes and interests. Every day it gives us more and more innovative content creators offering videos on sports, beauty, reading matter, cooking, and everything in between.

For some time now, one of YouTube’s most popular types of content has been kid-themed, and kid influencers are making a big name for themselves on the platform.

Children are resorting more and more to screens as their main form of entertainment, watching hours of videos on their favourite Youtube channels and now, more than ever, is a great time to take advantage of this.

With Kid-Themed YouTube channels receiving almost three times as many visits as other types of content, we at Influencity wanted to rank the top Kid Influencers – these little content creators with a gift for captivating audiences and gaining huge followings.

The rise in influencer marketing has meant that teens and even small children have their own YouTube, Instagram and TikTok accounts with followings which rival those of even the best influencers in the industry. You could say these YouTubers are ushering in the dawn of a new type of advertising.

Brands are also realising the potential of these young influencers and are allocating larger portions of their budgets on influencer marketing using kid YouTubers, and a new generation of under-13 influencers have become the focus of advertisement investment for many toy brands and children’s products. You could go as far to say that YouTube is unsurpassed as the youth marketing social network.

After researching the top kid influencers on YouTube, the most-followed accounts with the highest engagement, as well as the most playful and entertaining content, we’ve put together a list of 10 channels broadening YouTube’s horizons for both brands and children from various countries including, the UK, Latin America, North America, and Spain.

Here are the top 10 most popular YouTube channels for kids:

1. Ryan’s World

Ryan is one of the kings of the children's YouTube world.

Ryan is a king in the world of YouTube for kids. This 10-year-old influencer from the U.S. made his YouTube debut in 2015 and now has 28M subscribers. His account is loaded with fun and entertaining videos, such as simulation games, science experiments, music videos, challenges, crafts and much more. Click here to see his full stats.

2. Sis VS Bro

Two sibling influencers with YouTube accounts in Canada. They have videos with many interactions and views

SIS vs BRO is one of Canada’s most popular kid YouTube channels in which sister and brother, Karina and Ronald, join forces to set each other a myriad of fun and entertaining challenges. Their videos, which are posted once every two months and reach anywhere up to 10M views, have gained them over 14M followers. Click here to see their full stats.

3. Gibby

At just 13 years old, he stars in a YouTube channel with a community of 11.6M subscribers.

Gibby is the first of our Mexican influencers in this ranking. At just 13-years-old, she has her own YouTube channel with 11.6M subscribers. She produces fun, entertainment-driven content, including challenges, Q&A, versus videos, 24-hours in her life and games, to name but a few. Click here to see her full stats.

4. TV Ana Emilia

TV and Emilia, Mexican profiles in our ranking. His YouTube channel has more than 11M subscribers.

Ana Emilia is another Mexican profile. Her YouTube channel has over 11M subscribers and targets a slightly older audience than that of Ryan’s World and other accounts in this list. The majority of her videos have millions of views and she tends to post them several times a month. Most of her content consists of her and her friends making up fun stories and playing. Click here to see her full stats.

5. Tiana

A British profile dedicated mostly to the world of gaming, has 11M subscribers.

At number 5 on our list is Tiana, a British YouTuber whose content deals mainly with gaming, specifically the life-simulation game Bloxburg Houses. On her videos, she interacts with her friends and parents and has become incredibly popular in the UK, reaching more than 11M subscribers. Click here to see her full stats.

6. EthanGamer 

Ethan Gamer, a children's YouTube channels oriented towards video games and the world of gamerism

Ethan is another YouTuber who deals with video games and the world of gaming. As he says himself in his description, “My channel is not about being the best at gaming, it’s about having fun!! I try to have as much fun as I can and I hope you have fun watching me!!” Ethan has 2.7M subscribers on his YouTube channel and an average of 2,7M views per video. Click here to see his full stats.

7. The Tube Family

Children's Youtube channel where the protagonists are the whole family.

This channel is different to the others in that the stars aren’t just the kids, but the whole family. They describe themselves as, “a family of 4 dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences of all ages with fun and creativity!” Their most popular videos include funny parodies, creative crafts, toy reviews and challenges. Their channel has 3.8M subscribers and an average of 1M views per video. Click here to see their full stats.

8. Gaby and Alex

Gaby and alex, these kids influencers have a children's and family channel on Youtube.

Gaby and Alex’s channel describes itself as, “the most family friendliest kids Channel on YouTube.” The stars are British and their videos are about “toys, having fun, educating and teaching kindness.” Gaby and Alex’s favourite cartoons are Peppa Pig, Masha and the Bear, and many more. Thanks to the type of content they produce, they have reached 17M subscribers. Click her to see their full stats.

9. MikelTube

Mikel Tube, spanish children's youtube channel

MikelTube is number 9 on our list, a Spanish kid’s channel presented by 8-year-old Mikel and his brother Leo. MikelTube posts videos about games, new toys, stickers, crafts, theme parks, challenges and recipes, amongst other things and, so far, they have reached 6.9M subscribers. Click here to see his full stats.

10. Las aventuras de Dani y Evan

Dani and Evan, two children's YouTube influencers who star in a game channel

Last but not least, we have another one of Spain’s most popular kid’s accounts. The stars are two brothers who share interesting and entertaining games, challenges, unboxings and reviews through their videos and, more often than not, Dani and Evan are also joined by their parents. Thanks to all their efforts, the channel has 2,6M subscribers. Click here to see their full stats.

So, that was our list of the top 10 kid influencers killing it on YouTube both at home and abroad. Seven out of every ten people who use YouTube do so for educational purposes and children and teenagers have also found their hobbies using the platform, so it’s good to know it can be used as a fun learning resource.

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