60+ features available at your fingertips

Achieve total Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) with the most comprehensive program in existence.

analyzes the final results of the campaign

Measure, analyze, and share results with anyone in your business

real-time campaign metrics

No snapshots here; just comprehensive real-time analyses

Analyze influencer effectiveness in real-time for quicker, better strategy decisions and change.

Relevant KPIs

Compare campaign performance across social media platforms.


Earned media

Post quantity


measure outstanding campaign kpi

Campaign highlights

Identity with pinpoint accuracy campaign data and influencer performance.





Top influencer

Top post

Distill valuable results data

Easy-to-view graphs display which days produce better results and the influencers achieving them.

monitor campaign results

Who are you reaching?

Know where your audiences are consuming your content based on their sociodemographic.

Geographic distribution

Age distribution

Gender distribution

analyze audience metrics reached

Influencer performance

Know which of your influencers achieve the best campaign engagement, reach, interactions, and earned media.

analyze the results of the influencers
campaign conclusions influencer marketing

Distill data for better campaigns

Use current campaign insights with your team to apply better influencer marketing strategies that compound in performance over time.

Stay current with real-time results

Don’t wait for quarterly results to make strategy decisions. Find out what works, and what doesn’t, now and adjust your strategies on the fly.

Gain full oversight of social media posts

View every post’s copy and metrics in one place.

daily clipping of influencers publications

Share your metrics

Automatically generate shareable and downloadable reports with your clients and team.

share metrics report
optimise investment by comparing results

Engage. Rinse. Repeat…

Until you achieve the perfect strategy by analyzing historical campaign results.

Every report you need in one platform

Keep all performance metrics organized in one place for quick access.

campaign reports on a single platform

Like running a SWOT analysis on competing influencers

Stay a step ahead by seeing your competitors’ influencer marketing strategy statistics.

analyze the marketing influencer of the competitors
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