60+ features available at your fingertips

Achieve total Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) with the most comprehensive program in existence.

manage influential marketing campaigns

Influencer Marketing Automation

manage the Influencer Marketing brief

Automate multiple campaigns at once

Avoid campaign burnout – personalize your processes and execute different campaigns seamlessly without feeling overwhelmed.

Tailored campaign workflows

No influencer strategy is created equally. Customize your workflows by choosing and executing the steps that make sense for each project.

manage the workflow of campaigns

The flexibility to work on any social media platform









Experience visual Zen

Format your visual experience to your team’s liking: Kanban or Executive.

configure the project view
mass marketing influencing campaigns

Work with influencers at a massive scale

Without the massive effort. Leave that to the software.

Influencer assignments

Avoid miscommunications and missed deadlines. Create and share your post plan with your influencers for each social media platform.

configure influencer campaign tasks

Full project oversight from start to finish

View progress from the moment an influencer takes on a task until it’s complete. You’ll even know if something’s been rejected for full control over an influencer’s progress.

step and status of the campaign
more info about influencer

Share influencer updates

Keep everyone up-to-date on your influencer’s projects and achievements.

Add comments

Make notes of any shifts in your objectives, or if an influencer tends to ghost on you. Notes are published for everyone on your team to review.

conversations with influencers

Assess influencer costs

Gather price data on past projects to better negotiate rates for future campaigns.

contract price of influencer
influencer marketing campaign status

Monitor campaign progress-toward-completion

Follow along every campaign’s progress and completed milestones in one dashboard.

Complete post oversight

Pending… In-progress... Complete. Track the status of every post in your strategy.

campaign control and monitoring

Campaign progress

Stay fully informed with at-a-glance campaign status updates.

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