60+ features available at your fingertips

Achieve total Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) with the most comprehensive program in existence.

estimate campaign results

Invest intelligently. Always know your projected ROI ahead of time.

Estimate influencer metrics

Pick an influencer. We’ll run the tests.

Input your desired influencer attributes and our system will tell you if the influencer matches your campaign’s objectives and needs.

Identify Prime KPIs

Followers, engagement, earned media, and interactions greatly affect campaign success. We’ll tell you how influencers stack up based on prior performance.

analyse the main kpi

Discover relevant interests

Is it beauty? Fashion? Travel? Extract valuable data, identifying your influencer list’s most common shared interests.

analyze interests of influencers


Never miss out on a trend – stay relevant by identifying influencers’ most-used mentions and hashtags on your social networks.

Most relevant Hashtags

Their brand strategy is your brand strategy

Find out which influencers best collaborate with which brands to implement a brand strategy of your own.

brands related to influencers
estimating the impact of the campaign

Predict buyer persona impact

Cross-reference your influencer team to your audience to determine affinity for impact.

Age is more than just a number

And it means everything when targeting your audience. Identify age ranges to maximize your impact.

average age audience

Global influencer impact

Know exactly where on the map your influencer posts will hit the hardest.

localization of campaigns

Target common audience interests

Find the brands and common interests among your followers.

investigate brands and audience interests
full estimation of the strategy

Invest in your objectives wisely

Take full control of your budget – optimize your investments based on proven results.

Monitor your budget

Stay up to date with how your money is invested on influencer strategies.

control of the campaign budget

Manage your influencer investment portfolio

Keep track of your budget and where your investments go – Access full oversight of investments on each post across each social media platform.

segment budget in social networks
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