60+ features available at your fingertips

Achieve total Influencer Relationship Management (IRM) with the most comprehensive program in existence.

analyze influencers data

The most comprehensive influencer-audience analysis ever created.

up-to-date statistics

Find the facts on every influencer available in seconds

Make an informed decision. Analyze influencer profiles and choose the right person for the job.

Comb all of social media

We analyze influencer metrics across every single social media platform.




Influencer KPIs predict results

Never go in blind. Back your investment by analyzing follower counts, earned media, engagement ratios, and engagement analyses to ensure results.

influencers KPI

Spot fake influencers

How can you tell if those 2 million followers are real? Proprietary analyses allow you to detect real and fake followers to gauge influencer authenticity.

fakes influencers

Influencer niche

Identify every influencer’s category of content.

Influencers interests

Influencer hashtags and common phrases

Spot frequently used hashtags and mentions used in influencer content.

influencers hashtag

Influencer brand affinity

Like reading a good resume, examine influencers’ past partnerships with competing brands and experiences to see if they’re a good fit.

brands related to influencing
influencers to impact your audience

Match your audience to your influencer

Sift through relevant influencers with experience in your target market for the most effective impact.

Market demographics

Make an impact by working with influencers your audience already subscribes to.




Sociodemographic characteristics of the audience

Cater to your audience

Identify your customers’ brand and content affinities.

audience interests
Influencers Information

Keep it all in one place

Phone numbers. Emails. Favorite breakfast cereal. Share all of your influencers’ pertinent details with the rest of your team in one convenient platform.

Influencer performance evaluation notes

Keep track of influencer work and relationships with detailed notes. Pull them up next month when you’re deciding who will lead your next campaign.

note history

Shop around

Stick to your marketing budgets; compare influencer fees and price histories within your IRM. Hire only the most valuable influencers.

price history

Your own personal profile

Fill in your phone, email, address, and more for simple contacting.

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