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Influencity for brands

impact the right target

Boost your ROI

Invest in influencer you know will succeed

The right influencer can bring in up to 200% more profit to your campaigns.

Keep it simple

Influencer marketing, minus the middleman

Influencity makes it simple enough to never need any intermediaries – everything you need, at your disposal.

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now your sector better

Continuous upside

Learn from historical data and keep improving your strategies

Your bottom line will thank you when your data points in the direction of perpetual profits.

Sift through fake influencers

Don’t fall for influencers with 1M fake followers. Easily pick out the influencers who have earned real follower, each one a prime candidate to be your next customer.

detects false influencers

Full project oversight

Make timely, optimal decision with full visibility of influencer marketing campaigns’ progress.

control your projects

Reinvent your strategies

The fresh perspective and comprehensive toolset your team needs for better strategies to success.

converts successful strategies
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