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Our influencer marketing platform is your tech-solution to minimizing costs and maximizing returns.

influencer marketing platform for agencies
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Influencity for agencies

generate business with your proposals

Drum up business

Back your proposals with valuable offers and technology

Foster the trust your clients expect from you – ensure success by backing your proposals with vital data.

Run an effective operation

Manage multiple campaigns effortlessly

Less time spent managing campaigns, is more time spent sharing results with your clients. And trust us; they’ll appreciate it.

manage projects agilely
optimise time

Expand your available resources

Cut down on busy time with automated processes

Land clients and complete objectives in record time for higher customer satisfaction.

Instant access to influencer stats

Have you ever chased down an influencer only to find out their stats are less than stellar? Influencity lets you access influencer stats from any influencer worldwide, without the chase.

updated influencers metrics

Manage projects all in one place

From 2 brands, to 200 brands – manage them all in one place for a more productive team effort.

centralize projects

Share information with your clients instantly

Don’t make your clients wait for large file shares. Respond and share instantly to your clients’ daily requests.

instant report
Still working hard on your influencer marketing strategy?

Discover the most comprehensive solution available with more than 70 million influencers available to make your strategy easier.

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