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7 min read | May 12, 2023

What to Look for in Influencer Relationship Management Software

Influencer marketing is a great way to create brand awareness and establish a connection with your customers. However, if the relationship with an influencer is not handled properly, or if the campaign is in the hands of the wrong influencer, you could miss out on the many benefits that this type of marketing has to offer

So, how do you know which influencers to work with and how to develop a profitable relationship with them? This is where influencer relationship management software comes in.

This article will explore the features and capabilities of influencer relationship management software. Specifically, we will explain why it’s so important to use an IRM with features for reporting and analytics, influencer discovery, and outreach management.

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What Is Influencer Relationship Management Software?

When it comes to working with influencers, there are many different types of marketing campaign software that can make your life easier and enhance the success of your campaigns. This includes content creation and management tools, social listening tools, and influencer relationship management software. Each solution serves its own purpose and benefits your campaigns in different ways.

So, what is influencer relationship management software?

Influencer relationship management software (IRM) is a tool that helps brands manage their relationships with influencers more effectively. This type of software typically provides a centralized dashboard that enables brands to find and connect with influencers, manage campaigns, and track performance metrics.

Overall, the biggest benefit of using IRM software is that it enables brands to enhance their influencer partnerships so that they can leverage the power of influencer marketing, build brand awareness, and drive sales. By providing a comprehensive solution for influencer relationship management, this type of software can help brands achieve their marketing goals and maximize the return on their investment (ROI).

Influencer Relationship Management Software Features 

Influencer relationship management software often includes a range of features and capabilities that cater to different business needs and objectives. But with so many solutions on the market, it’s important to ensure that the solution you pick helps you manage each stage of your influencer relationship.

For example, Influencity’s influencer relationship management software includes influencer discovery tools, outreach management features, and reporting and analytics capabilities. All this enables you to manage your influencer relationships end to end so that you can maximize your collaborations and build profitable long-term partnerships.

Let’s take a look at these influencer relationship management software features in a bit more detail.

Influencer Discovery Tools

Influencer discovery tools help brands identify relevant influencers for their marketing campaigns. These tools use various algorithms and metrics to analyze social media profiles in order to find potential influencers who align with specific criteria. Instead of searching manually for all this information, you can use influencer discovery tools to automate and streamline the process and find the perfect match for each of your campaigns

For example, Influencity’s IRM uses machine learning algorithms to analyze a range of data points including audience demographics, engagement rates, and content quality, and generates a list of potential influencers that match a brand's specific criteria. 

Moreover, Influencity’s IRM dashboard is split into 2 sections: Profiles and Influencers. 

The Profiles section is where you can analyze all the above metrics for specific social media profiles on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

The Influencers section is where you can save contact information, price historicals, and notes. You can also associate multiple social media profiles to an influencer in order to have all their data saved in one place.

Outreach Management Features

IRM outreach management tools help brands manage their influencer outreach strategies. These tools provide a centralized platform for brands to communicate with influencers, negotiate terms, and manage campaign logistics.

Outreach management tools typically include features such as email templates and direct messaging, which can help brands streamline their outreach and improve response rates from influencers. 

Another important feature to look out for is the ability to manage campaigns from start to finish, including setting timelines, deadlines, and content requirements. Outreach software are a good way to visualize your entire campaign, ensuring that teams stay on track and are completed successfully.

By automating the outreach process in this way, brands can save time and resources while ensuring that their messaging is consistent and on-brand.

Reporting and Analytics

IRM reporting and analytics tools typically include features for monitoring audience demographics, interactions, and engagement rates, which can help brands understand how their campaigns resonate with their target audiences. These tools can also provide insights into the ROI of their influencer campaigns by tracking metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates, and generated revenue.

In addition to performance tracking, IRM reporting and analytics tools like Influencity’s also include features for competitor analysis and trend tracking, which can help brands stay ahead of industry trends and identify new opportunities for influencer partnerships.

Ultimately, IRM reporting and analytics tools can be a valuable resource for brands looking to optimize their influencer marketing campaigns and improve their ROI. By providing data-driven insights into campaign performance, these influencer relationship management software tools can help brands make informed decisions about their influencer marketing campaigns and, ultimately, achieve optimum results.

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