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13 min read | August 24, 2022

How to Market Your Business on Social Media: 10 Tips that Can Help You Sell More

If you own a small business or work as a marketing specialist at one, then you may be new to social media marketing. You are probably likely to also have a limited budget to spend on online platforms. These can both be obstacles when it comes to building your presence and getting your name out there. To help you out, in this article we’ll go through how to market your business on social media with 10 tips that can help you sell more.

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These 10 marketing tips will give you an idea of the areas you need to focus on in order to raise awareness of your company brand so that you can start building your online reputation and reach a larger audience. So, if you haven’t already, consider including these strategies in your social media marketing strategy.


1. Choose the right platforms for your brand

The first step is picking the right platforms for your brand. Sharing your content through the right channels is crucial to any marketing strategy.

To work out which platforms will work best for you, you need to think about your target audience. What platforms are they likely to be most active on? What formats would work best for your campaigns? For example, if you are going to focus on sharing visuals, then Instagram is likely to be a good choice for you, and if you want to show customers demos and product reviews, YouTube might be the ideal platform.

2. Update your profiles

Once you’ve picked your platforms and created your brand profiles, make sure you complete as much information on your page as possible. Select an appealing and recognizable image for your profile picture. Include a detailed description in the “About me” section. Add all your contact information. The more information you include, the more professional your page will seem.

3. Cross promote

Another great tip for marketing your business on social media is understanding the value of cross promotion. Put simply, this is about raising awareness of any other platforms you might be active on, in order to encourage your audience to follow you there too. This could be as simple as posting a link to your profile on another site with a simple call-to-action or including links to your other pages in your profile bio.

4. Add relevant and branded hashtags

The next tip in our “how to market your business on social media” guide relates to hashtags. Add hashtags and keywords that are related to your brand and industry to your page and posts, but don’t overdo it. Hashtags will help you grab the attention of your potential audience by appearing on suggestions and search.

5. Build a community

Once you’re all set up and your page has gone live, it’s time to build your community. Instead of focusing on building numbers for the sake of it, try to attract followers who are genuinely interested and engaged in your brand, and interact with them as much as possible. These followers will be far more likely to repost your content, like your posts and, ultimately, convert into paying customers.

6. Encourage engagement

Engagement is so important we’re talking about it twice. 

Encourage interaction with everything you post. Ask questions. Look for opinions. Reply to comments and repost and comment on other users’ posts. The more you interact with your audience, the more likely they are to become engaged and loyal followers

7. Don’t over-promote

Don’t promote your brand with every post. Your aim is to create original content that your followers will enjoy reading. This usually means either educating or entertaining them, not shamelessly promoting yourself at every opportunity. If your followers think you are there purely to advertise a product, then they are likely to lose interest in your brand very quickly. Focus on sharing original content that attracts the interest of your audience.

8. Post valuable content

To the same effect, make sure you provide added value with the content you post. Tell your audience something they might not know. Make them laugh. Make them think. Inspire them. The more value you offer, the more followers you will attract to your brand.

9. Create targeted ads

Targeted ads can be a great tool for expanding your reach and raising awareness of your brand. Targeted advertising is a form of online advertising that focuses on the specific traits, interests, and preferences of a consumer. Define the demographics of your target user then create promotional ads tailored specifically for them.


10. Try influencer marketing

The final tip we want to share relates to influencer marketing. Influencer marketing is a type of social media marketing based on brand endorsements and product mentions from influencers – individuals with a dedicated social following that are viewed as experts within their niche. This can be a great strategy that can help you build credibility and trust. 

If you’re new to the world of influencers, an Influener Relationship Management (IRM) tool is a great place to start. Simply access an influencer marketing platform such as Influencity and start looking for influencers whose content, values and audience align with those of your brand. Then sit back and watch as your audience grows.

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