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12 min read | February 25, 2019

How to analyse an influencer’s Instagram profile

Instagram is synonymous with influencers. This referential social network has seen incredible growth over past years and recently hit one billion users worldwide. Brands know that their Instagram presence is key for impacting an online audience which knows exactly what they want, what they’re looking for and what they wish to buy.

Instagram users trust influencers thanks to the credibility they’ve acquired within their sectors and have quickly become a focal point for brands and their marketing strategies. But, how can we analyse an influencer’s Instagram profile in order to find out if they’re good a match for a brand and it’s values and interests? Keep on reading and you’ll find out!

What needs to be analysed to see if an Instagram influencer is a good fit for a brand?

Why should you analyse an influencer’s Instagram profile?

Analysing an influencer’s Instagram profile is fundamental for impacting your target audience. When launching an influencer marketing campaign, it’s essential to identify your target audience and determine which influencers are more likely to impact this specific niche with their marketing actions.

Without knowing an influencer’s audience demographic, it’s likely that your campaign won’t reach an optimal percentage of your target audience, meaning your campaign will be less profitable and have much less reach,

One very common error in influencer marketing, is collaborating with profiles that aren’t capable of helping a brand achieve their campaign objectives:

If our objective is to increase brand loyalty or build a solid online community, it’s important to collaborate with influencers with a high engagement rate, since they’re more likely to generate a high level of interaction with their online audience.

Keeping your campaign objectives in mind at all times is key

Steps for analysing an influencer’s Instagram profile

Step 1

To successfully analyse an influencer’s Instagram profile, it’s essential to use tools or software specifically designed to analyse Instagram profiles, which objectively measure influencer KPIs related to the following:

Step 2

After carrying out this approximation, it’s essential to carefully analyse the influencer’s audience demographic (age, location, interests, etc).

Step 3

Once you’ve carried out an objective analyse (which a tool can do in just one click), it’s important to verify that the influencer posts quality content and whether or not they’ve worked with any brands that could be considered competition.

What metrics should I be taking into account?

The most important metrics to bear in mind when analysing an influencer’s Instagram profile are the following:

●      Engagement

Engagement rate refers to an influencer’s ability to generate interaction between their online audience and the content they post on Instagram.

Engagement rate is one of the most important KPIs, because the rate of interaction between an online audience and commercial content is extremely useful data for determining the quality of an influencer’s recommendations.

On Instagram, a 5% engagement rate is considered to be good, and anything over 10% is excellent.

●      Earned Media

Comments, retweets, likes, shares, mentions… all of these elements form part of a brand’s Earned Media generated by an external agent, which, in this case, is the influencer. Earned Media Value increases brand awareness and is a good indicator of customer loyalty.

Earned Media refers to the quality of the posted content in relation to the interactions and the impacted audience

●      Reach

Reach refers to the total number of users who have seen campaign content on social media, which, in the case of an Instagram influencer, is directly related to their number of followers, which is the total amount of users that could be potentially impacted.

●      Other

The audience’s demographic information, as well as their likes and interests, are important metrics, since they allow us to find users who are more likely to be interested in our brand.

In order to narrow down our search, we need to make sure the influencer’s followers match our target audience’s profile and that their tastes and interests are related to the product or service the brand is offering.

Tools for analysing Instagram profiles: why you should use Influencity

Influencity provides maximum effectiveness and speed when analysing an influencer’s Instagram profile. It analyses profiles immediately and segments them based on their characteristics.

Another advantage of using Influencity, is its integral search tool, which directly looks for profiles which comply with the desired characteristics established by the brand.

Influencity provides maximum effectiveness and speed when analysing an influencer’s Instagram profile

How does Influencity analyse influencers’ profiles?

Influencity has developed its own technology which uses algorithms to analyse influencers’ profiles on any social network, with the aim of quickly and objectively identifying influencers.

With its technology, Influencity is able to extract more than 60,000 profiles per minute, searching amongst more than 4 million influencers from across the world and segmenting them accordingly by the type of content they post, their audience demographic and their age, amongst other characteristics.

Thanks to its “Analytics” tools, it can measure all of the reactions generated by an influencer’s publications. By using real-time metrics, it can find out the earned media, social reach, interactions, engagement rate, geolocation and demographic data of an influencer’s audience, as well as identifying influencers who have a higher social reach with each of their Instagram posts.

Thanks to this software, brands can see real-time campaign data related to the engagement rate or interactions

Want to find out firsthand how Influencity’s “Search” tool works and analyse influencers with just one click? Get in touch – we’d be happy to help you out!

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