¿Cómo funciona el nuevo algoritmo de Instagram?

How Instagram’s New Algorithm Works?

Instagram is no longer just a photo-sharing app. Today, it has diversified into a different purposes social media network so that users can discover all content relevant to them posted. These include new services, entertainment, and products. Marketers have to be serious about marketing their Instagram business and reach a wider audience based on their desires and requirements. They should select the right pages on Instagram so that their idle time can be minimized on the platform. They can do so by knowing how the Instagram algorithm works.

Brands and influencers should know the skill of managing the algorithm by taking the right management steps. Today, marketers can succeed in their endeavor for Instagram marketing by adapting to the change in its algorithm and tweaking their marketing strategies accordingly.

In particular, it is not adequate to simply post with suitable hashtags on Instagram to connect to the right audience. People should also consider how to cope up with the new algorithm updates of Instagram. There is, for instance, some confusion about the way Instagram has moved away from allowing simply a chronological feed.

The new algorithm is much more than just putting hashtags on your posts

The new algorithm on Instagram dictates the sequence of the posts seen by users when they scroll through their feed. It prioritizes the posts based on certain signals. So, the most relevant posts are pushed towards the top. It also means that these posts get maximum visibility. Meanwhile, other contents are placed down in the feed.

Algorithms on Instagram are bound to change from time to time but there are three major ranking factors that can still assist you to make your Instagram strategy. These are as follows:

1. Association with the user

2. How recent the post is

3. Interest conveyed by the user

As is known, the photo-sharing app has undergone plenty of changes over the years. Not only did its main aesthetics changed through its logo. However, then the most important update took place. 

Many users realized for a long time now that when a post had more likes, it had a greater reach. It is because of this there was an increase in the number of fake followers, bot, and likes. Interestingly, Instagram’s new algorithm did away with this parameter, as well as, hid it.

Instagram switched to the algorithm away from chronological order for showing content. Several influencers initially felt that they will lose their audience. However, things changed for the better soon. Read on to know more about the Instagram algorithm 2021.

New Algorithm for Instagram feed posts

There are six major factors that can impact the Instagram feed posts according to the new algorithm.

1. Interest

It is imperative to understand that any feed on Instagram is not only based on whom a user follows. Instead, it is also based on the types of posts and accounts they have liked historically. If the algorithm feels that a user will “like” a particular type of post on the platform, it will make it appear higher in their feed. Thus, what a user sees in their feed is a mix of all their Instagram behaviors. That is precisely the reason a user should consistently show up on the photo-sharing app.

2. Timeliness

The new algorithm does not simply focus on how many engagements a post will get on Instagram. Instead, it also takes a close look at when the image was posted. The algorithm gives importance to “when” a post was made because it aims to serve the most interesting and the latest posts to its users.

Create content at the best time for your audience, when they are most active. Algorithm asks to be an active user

Influencers usually find the most appropriate time to post their content on social media. It will hack this new algorithm so that your reach gets increased and there are more followers and likes. When you share your posts when the followers are most active and are online, there is a better possibility of getting more appreciation in the form of “likes.”

3. Relationship

The new algorithm on Instagram wants to give preference to posts from the accounts, family, and friends you care most about. Thus, the algorithm uses all your interactions to gather the people with whom you are the closest. The photo-sharing network will make an attempt to compute this association, as well as, your interest level. It will happen the moment you follow a user by showing you their content.

4. Usage

When you spend quite a substantial amount of time on this social media network, there is a chance of seeing more posts. It is because Instagram delves a lot into its catalog. When you spend adequately on Instagram, it is possible to get saturated as far as seeing new content is concerned.

If that happens, this new algorithm can assist you by showing recommended content from certain new accounts. It will be done based on your past interactions. On the other hand, when you spend very little time in this app daily, the algorithm will simply show you the highlights of the day.

5. Frequency

Do you open your Instagram app frequently? In case you scroll frequently, your feed will appear more chronological. It is because the app makes an attempt to bring the best posts to you since you visited last. On the other hand, when you check the app less frequently, the feed will be sorted based on what it thinks you will love rather than in chronological order.

6. Following

Do you keep track of the number of users you follow on this app? In case you follow many people, the app has more choices to select from. So, you would possibly miss out posts from all accounts. 

How do Instagram stories get affected by the new algorithm?

Usually, Instagram stories that are displayed at the top of the feed are from those accounts with which you engage the most. It can be through different ways including comments, likes, DMs, reactions, story views, and so on.

The algorithm for these stories also puts plenty of limelight on timeliness. The algorithm wants to ensure that it always displays you the most recent stories from the favorite accounts. When you are in regular touch with an account, you will find their new stories on your feed whenever they post. It happens even though you have viewed their stories from the earlier day.

Important statistics and metrics in influencer marketing. New algorithm is important to increase reach and visits

As such, it makes sense to post to your Instagram Stories consistently. When you do that more frequently, there is a better possibility of connecting to a larger number of viewers because they keep browsing their daily stories. Also, when you gain more views, your metrics keep improving.

How does the new algorithm work for reels and IGTV videos?

For Instagram Reels and IGTV videos, the new algorithm gives preference to those accounts’ content with which you interact most frequently and the kind of posts you usually engage in.

Apart from the home feed, the photo-sharing app offers suggested Reels and IGTV videos in certain Explore pages. It includes the new tab for Reels. Instagram does so based on what it thinks you will like. The strategy is based on a certain machine learning model.

The big question is how you can give Reels and IGTV videos the best opportunity of being viewed by your existing and new audiences. As far as IGTV videos are concerned, the user can share a one-minute preview to their Instagram feed. When initial exposure is increased the algorithm gets a positive signal. For Reels, on the other hand, a user has to share them to their main feed of Instagram. Several hashtags may be included to increase their discoverability.

New algorithm penalizes Instagram reels available with TikTok logo

The photo-sharing app demotes reels with watermarks of TikTok. The photo-sharing app is against users posting recycled clips from TikTok on Instagram reels. Many users and influencers started posting TikTok clips on Instagram with the watermark of the brand on it. Instagram’s move to demote will help it to increase the number of original posts rather than reposting videos from its rivals.

Instagram also discourages users not to fill their Reels with too many texts and has shared a series of tips on how to get the most out of Reels. 

For instance, the app now recommends using music or sounds from its own library rather than taking them from external sources if a user wants a better ranking for their Reels.

Penalization of Instagram Reels if they are watermarked by TikTok. This is because of Instagram's new algorithm

Tips to get the most out of Instagram’s algorithm in 2021.

1. Post pictures daily

In case you wish to increase the likelihood of growing your Insta account and defeating its algorithm, you should post to the app daily. When you are consistent on the app, your followers have content to wait for.

2. Respond to DMs

If a user takes out his or her time to send you a DM, they may have a good reason to do so. The Instagram algorithm has a tendency to display the most engaging content or page. So, you need to look out for a number of new ways to engage with your audiences. Respond to those DMS and demonstrate that you care for them.

3. Respond to comments

Your Instagram followers wish to engage with you. You have to start treating your followers like your friends. Take out time and ensure that you respond to their comments.

4. Post notifications should be turned on

Just as you should engage with the people you follow, the same logic is applicable for your followers. Make sure to turn on your post notifications and be up to date with those profiles that are important for you. As the new algorithm makes it tough to see fresh posts from people you follow, keeping your notifications on is an excellent way to keep engaging.

5. Post reels

Are you wondering how can Instagram reels help in keeping users engaged? Generally, clips are a great way to tell a story. These stories can become more in-depth when you try to showcase certain moments to your audience. For instance, selfie clips can create a closer connection with users. They may even wish to see more of you. Some experts recommend you post reels at least thrice a week.

New algorithm gives importance to quality 

As mentioned before, the new algorithm of Instagram allows recent content to have a high engagement to surface fast. It also does the same with content, which is in close alignment with the interests and habits of users. The new algorithm tries to understand the things users like the most, who their best pals are, what content they would love to see on the top, and who they know.

Top accounts, reputable brands, and influencers have a clear edge under this new algorithm. As they have a higher reach and more followers, their engagement is usually higher. Also, users that follow such influencers’ accounts will possibly see posts from such accounts more often and early. The top benefit for these accounts is the kind of exposure they enjoy. An influencer has more followers meaning a higher possibility for early engagement.

The new algorithm ensures that the most active and biggest accounts will benefit the most from a numerical standpoint. However, it gives a high focus on quality. Posts of substandard quality do not usually see high engagement.

Finally, as you gain greater confidence over these new Instagram algorithms to gain better visibility, there is a crucial step to take. Take leverage of all the Instagram tools that the app makes available to content creators or influencers. The goal should be to make the experience of your users strategic, distinct, and as friendly as possible.


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