¿Conoces los Podcast? Te lo contamos

Do you know about podcasts? We tell you about them

Influencer marketing has become one of the major trends these days and podcasts is a useful tool to achieve it. Podcasts have seen massive growth in recent years. Apart from Sweden and the United States of America, other countries where podcasting is becoming popular are Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Spain, and Chile. The growth of branded podcasts is emerging as a big trend in the current year.

Although podcasts have been here for some time now, 2021 will see their growth in the field of advertisement and influencer marketing. For instance, in America alone, over 73 million people have listened to any podcast for once at least. It is estimated that by 2021, podcasts are going to see a growth of about 81 percent globally. Also, its use will see an unprecedented surge in Spain.

The growth of branded podcasts is set to be a big trend in 2021.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a type of audio broadcasting that takes place on the web. You can listen to it anytime and anywhere- while going to your office or while working. Podcasts do not need the complete attention of your target audiences unlike a blog or a video post.

To put it simply,  it is an audio programme to which you have to subscribe it through the  smartphone or other device. Podcasting is in great demand these days. The popularity of podcasts is on the rise each year.

Podcasts can be a great way of developing a close connection with potential customers and listeners for business owners. After all, they will hear you speak on a one-on-one basis. Such interaction helps in humanizing your relationship in a manner that written content can never do.

What is it for?

Podcasts make their listeners cry and laugh. They also motivate audiences to do better in their careers or offer valuable insights to make a significant life decision. Similar to social media, a podcast can offer direct access to listeners on the speaker’s thoughts and perspectives. Today, many politicians and celebrities are using podcasts to interact with their followers. The plus point for them is there are no in-thread responses or follow-up questions.

As far as consumers are concerned, podcasts have a lot to offer. They acquire fresh knowledge for getting inspired. There are other reasons too for listening to podcasts. A top reason is to get educated. Many listeners claim that they learn new things after listening to podcasts. Podcasts are also a source of entertainment, as well as, a source of news for listeners.

Podcast audiences

According to an estimate, around 51% of Americans who are more than 12-year-old have listened to a podcast. The same report points out that 56 percent of the men and 44 percent of the women in America have been exposed to a podcast at some time or the other.

Podcast listeners are mostly social. It means about 93% of these users are active on social media. Podcast audiences are also mobile. Around 46% of them listen to a podcast while they are traveling while 40% listen to them while biking, running, or walking. 

Podcast listeners are mostly social.

Is it considered just another social network?

Some people would say that it is not a social network but instead is similar to radio. The first thing a person thinks of the moment they hear about social media is Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter as they are the most popular networks. However, the podcast is not a part of any social media in itself. 

However, podcasts can be added to a social networking site by including elements, making it social. An excellent instance of this would be the manner in which blog talk radio has attributes, which permit a user to interact and comment with the show when it is live.

How to make a podcast?

  • What do you need? 

Here are some of the things required for making a podcast:

1. A quality microphone

You should not compromise with the audio quality during a podcast. Make sure to buy a good microphone to prevent poor audio quality.

2. An account on Skype

In case you plan to conduct interviews on a show, Skype should be used. So, create an account on Skype. It is free software and comes with great sound quality.

3. Editing and recording software

Your audio has to be edited. You may begin with free software for editing and recording and later upgrade to a paid one.

4. An account for hosting a podcast

The main purpose of creating a podcast is to ensure that more people can hear it. A podcast hosting account is required to do so. It is also referred to a media host by some. Podcasts or media hosts are services, which can store your audio. These services enable your audiences to download, listen, as well as, subscribe to a podcast. To put it plainly, one has to sign up with a podcast host where your audio files can be hosted.

5. Use a vanity URL

If you are really focused on making your podcast more popular, go for a vanity URL.

6. Headphones

It is not mandatory that you have to buy the best headphones from the market. However, you should be able to hear what your guest is saying while doing an interview on Skype. So go for quality headphones.

tool considered a social network

  • What content do you need?

The content of your podcast should be extremely engaging. It will help your readers to explore further so that they can learn more. You have to think about relevant resources for every episode so that your listeners can be directed later. 

Some examples are books or YouTube videos, which delve deeper into the subject.

It was found in October 2020 that the most popular form of a podcast in the United States of America was a comedy. Around 22 percent of the people who participated in a survey stated they loved listening to podcasts that made them laugh.

Podcasts based on real crime cases and news podcasts are also in great demand. Health and fitness and sports podcasts are also listened to by many people.

Some popular formats of podcasts include fictional or narrative storytelling, discussion or guest interviews, one-to-one interview, and solo commentary among others.

  • Where can we find the podcasts?

You can find podcasts on various platforms, such as YouTube and Spotify, among others.  Here are a few suggestions to find the podcasts:

Apple Podcasts

The app is built into an iPhone and you can use it to enter the world of podcasts when owning an iPhone. You can use it to download and stream shows, rewind, or skip ahead. Your favorite shows can be set for automatic download whenever a new episode is released.


While it is primarily popular as a streaming service for music, the company introduced support for podcasts in 2015. All basic features are available here, which is adequate to get you started.

Google Play Music

In case you own an Android handset, you may use this music streaming app, which also comes preinstalled on your mobile device. The app supports podcasts like Apple Podcasts. You can download episodes, rewind and skip during playback, and subscribe to podcasts.

Pocket Casts

If you wish to enjoy the podcast experience in totality, look no further. Unlike some of the above choices, it offers much more than just basic features.

Is it an effective tool for influencers?

Typically, a podcast has to be connected to a content strategy. It is imperative to note that podcasting is not simply a kind of content marketing. You can build powerful, authentic, and organic relationships with the industry’s top names through podcasting. Podcasting is one of the emerging tools in the field of influencer marketing.

Make it a win/win situation

It is important to note that a podcast is not only about your brand and you. When you become too self-centered while promoting the podcast, it will not be possible to invite high-quality guests. Whenever you are interviewing an important influencer, ensure that they also gain value from the same experience. Thus, it is a two-way relationship. While you can reach their audience, they will also reach yours.

Podcasts are an effective tool for influencers

For what purpose do we use podcasts in a content strategy?

We use podcasts as a powerful tool for activities such as publicizing a website or a blog, advertising or marketing a service, or selling a product. Your podcasting guest i.e. the influencer can play a crucial role in this. When you choose the right influencers and opt for the right opportunities and roll out your podcast, influential content will not be a dream but a reality. Some other purposes of using them for influencer marketing are as follows:

1. They have a fast turnaround format

Irrespective of the kind of audio software you are using, you will soon realize that the editing process for your podcast is a cakewalk.

2. Podcasts are an easy tool for generating guest content

Usually, a content marketer discusses making the best from guest content, especially from influencers and leaders. You may build your guest initially from connections and friends. You can also visit websites like Amazon to know about authors with upcoming books and interview them.

3. Any transcribed podcast is an easy source of a documented content

When you transcribe your podcasts’ audio, more written content can be generated for your website. It is also possible to expand the SEO value of the content of your podcast.

How does influencer marketing through podcasts work?

Brands and companies that plan to use influencer marketing through podcasts first ascertain what their show will be all about. They also determine the structure of their podcast show. The format may differ from brand to brand. For example, some brands would prefer an influencer to talk briefly about current trends.

Small businesses may set up a show showing the founder introducing an employee or speaking to a customer. On the other hand, other brands feel that professionally scripted and produced podcast content marketing is more effective to meet their goals.

Businesses also have to decide the duration of their podcasts. They need to decide whether a show has to be hosted weekly or monthly. Or, should some case studies be enough? Many podcasts have only a few episodes. However, their content is powerful enough to satisfy their listeners.

Many content marketing associations and companies have started including podcasting in their marketing strategies. It is because they realize the advantages of podcasting in their regular work. 

include podcasts in your content strategy

Advantages or strengths of using podcasts in your content strategy with influences

1. Convenient and engaging for listeners

A podcast needs very little effort and initiative to engage the listeners. Contrary to clips, which need audiences to watch and blogs that have to be read, the listener has to simply hit the play option and start listening.

2. Increasing popularity

The good news is that the number of listeners for podcasts is increasing by leaps and bounds. So, it is the best time to begin. After all, many brands can start creating this content, as well as, develop their audiences.

3. Podcasts have low rivals

You will accept that the marketplace is fiercely competitive. However, successful digital marketers realize that podcasts have low competition but high engagement rates.

4. Audiences for podcasts are excessively loyal

It is extremely crucial to develop audiences for podcasts ahead of the rivalry. It is because audiences are usually loyal to the programs they like the most. These listeners forge a connection with the host and want to get back, again and again, to check whether a new episode has arrived or not.

5. You can target the best influencers as your guests

If you wish to use your podcasts for influencer marketing, target the top influencers. You have to be focused and interview the top names in your industry while launching your podcast. Luckily for you, it takes very little time commitment on behalf of an influencer. On the other hand, the podcast can serve as a long-lasting and precious piece of content. As podcasting is a fast-growing and exciting medium, many high-profile influencers are not averse to appear as guests on podcasts.

6. Audiences have the discretion of what they wish to listen

There are millions of podcast episodes available. Listeners may pick and choose whatever they are interested in.

7. Podcasts can be easily accessed

In case you have a computer, tablet, or smartphone, you may access podcasts with marginal effort.

Advantages or strengths of using podcasts

Disadvantages of using podcasts or weaknesses of this tool in your content strategy with influencers.

1. Difficult to convince all

It is not so easy to get the nod of your internal stakeholders. Many may oppose podcasts from becoming a part of your marketing strategy.

2. Time-consuming

A podcast can consume plenty of time especially when the file has a larger size.

3. Searching for a podcast may not be easy

Written content is searchable easily and can be ranked on a search engine. However, podcasts will not appear in the initial result pages of a search engine.

Examples of famous podcasts hosted by international influencers

1. Impaulsive with Logan Pau‪l:The podcast has been described by its creator as the most thought-provoking, greatest, and mentally stimulating podcasts. At present, the podcast has 261 episodes in total as of now.

Impaulsive with Logan Paul, a well-known podcast for influencer marketing.

2. The Girls Bathroom with Sophia and Cinzia: The podcast has 80 episodes in total as of the date and is hosted by two best friends. The duo also shares a channel on YouTube. The podcast is all about girly gossip and chat. It helps girl listeners to sort out their dilemmas.

Example of a famous podcast

Podcasts are the future of influencer marketing 

They are helpful to leave a long-term impression on customers. It is the real beauty of podcasts making them more popular than before. As the COVID-19 pandemic hot the world, it led to the increase in the popularity of digital media including podcasts. The characteristics of podcasts along with relatively less competition have made them ideal for marketers and influencers. The growing trend of podcasts is encouraging for consumers, as well as, brands.

Increased advertisement revenue will trigger even more content to entice a larger number of audiences. Brands have started realizing that podcasting is an excellent tool for different types of communication goals. It is regarded as the purest form of storytelling. As the human voice can be intimate and direct, emotions are communicated easily and quickly.

The audience for a channel such as podcasting is increasing. A large number of people from all over the world are getting interested in this medium. Also, podcasts have become popular as they can enhance the posting strategy of a business or a brand. Some radio-like shows have gained immense popularity and the competition for their audiences has seen a massive surge.

You can establish your loyal audience with minimal effort even before your rivals decides to make an entry into this space. While podcasts may never have the same influence as Instagram, they are here to stay and will be an important business in influencer marketing.


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