Black Friday with influencers: the perfect opportunity to boost sales

Black Friday is just around the corner and it’s the perfect opportunity for any brand to boost sales, particularly those whose business activity is online. Still not thought about launching a Black Friday campaign for your brand? In this article, we’re going to take a look at some Black Friday campaigns with influencers and their incredible results.


A few years ago, businesses from all across the world started jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon, which has now become a digital phenomenon in which companies have managed to multiply sales and sell more products in one week than they normally would in an entire month.

According to a report by Criteo, which studied more than 30 e-commerce brands, in 2017:

  • Web traffic increased 96% in comparison to 2016
  • The number of buyers increased 343%
  • Sales increased by 345%

Examples of Black Friday campaigns with influencers

There are many digital marketing strategies that aim to capture new clients for e-commerce businesses, but influencer marketing is, without a doubt, one of the most effect.

El Corte Inglés, Amazon and MediaMarkt are just a handful of the companies that tend to launch a lot of these types of campaigns around this time of year. There are, however, other brands that go further than just posting content on Instagram Stories and really let their creative juices flow.

Black Friday Youtube campaigns

A great example of this, is American construction brand Lowe’s and their Black Friday campaign, in which they chose several DIY-loving influencers who had to build an Escape Room with their bare hands, using only Lowe’s materials. The result? More than 6 million views and more than 1000% engagement rate with just one video posted on the brand’s YouTube account.

Results obtained via Influencity’s software for Lowe’s Home Improvement’s post.

Black Friday Beauty Campaign

Another campaign launched for last year’s Black Friday is that of Perfumes Club France.

It was the brand’s official launch in France and their influencer marketing strategy consisted of launching several giveaways. How did the campaign go?  Let’s take a look at some of the publications posted on influencers’ feeds, all of which used the following hashtags: #beautyblackfriday and #jeuconcoursperfume.

Results obtained by Influencity’s software for the combination of 5 posts by @lucindarossat, @coralineball, @opheliepoppie, @saraliscia and @intomycloset_

Results obtained by Influencity’s software for @opheliepoppie’s post

Results obtained by Influencity’s software for @lucindarossat’s post


Thanks to these Instagram posts, @perfumesclub_france went from being an unknown brand to having more than 5 thousand followers in less than a year. In addition, as we can see, the campaign managed to impact nearly 90% of female Instagram users in France, which is the brand’s target audience.

When is the perfect moment to launch a Black Friday campaign with influencers?

Black Friday campaigns with influencers can be launched at different points in time:

  • A few days before Black Friday: Christmas shopping officially starts on this date, but it’s important to bare in mind that many consumers like to have a wishlist prepared in which they save the products they intend to buy on that day.

For that reason, launching a campaign with influencers a few days before the big day is essential. Influencers can create content to show off products and create a desire to purchase products amongst their followers.

  • On Black Friday: on the other hand, many other users aren’t so “anxious” with their purchases and prefer to wait until the day to bag the best bargains.

The ideal strategy is a mix of the two; influencers posting content a few days prior to Black Friday to get people excited, as well as on the day itself to encourage people to make purchases.

IG Stories, the best Black Friday strategy on Instagram

As we’ve seen in previous posts, each social network offers different types of marketing actions that brands can carry out with influencers, but one particular method that has proven to be successful is Instagram’s Stories function, for several reasons:

  • It’s content that allows you to add a website or product URL. This way, the influencer can immediately and efficiently redirect traffic to the brand’s website.
  • It’s content that has a duration of 1 day (the same period of time as Black Friday).
  • If it’s video content, influencers can explain and demonstrate the products available on a brand’s website, mentioning their favourite products and their benefits.

Black Friday is clearly the retail event of the year and it’s important for brands to be prepared a few weeks before.

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