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21 min read | April 26, 2021

10 virtual influencers to keep an eye on in 2021

This isn’t the first time that we at Influencity are here to talk about virtual influencers and how this type of influencer is trending in 2021. Virtual influencers are computer-created characters whose personalities, likes and interests are completely fictitious. The brains behind the accounts are specialists in design, communication and social networks. They’re brands committed to promoting other brands.

So, all of this begs the question…  what is the purpose of these accounts?

These digital characters come about through and for the purpose of marketing  communication. There are a lot of advantages to working with these types of influencers which can have a very positive impact for companies and brands who choose to promote their products or services on social networks. The fact that there is a team of experts behind these accounts means that companies who decide to work with them can rest assured they will do everything in their power to ensure their content won’t jeopardise brand image. 

These days, users are more hung up on finding real and authentic content, they care less about who is behind the account and more about what story they’re telling and how they’re telling it, and it’s becoming increasingly more likely that this new way of communicating will prevail for those brands revolutionising influencer marketing. 

Want to know more? Go directly to our blog where you’ll find a post all about virtual influencers.

If you’d like to get to know some of the most popular  virtual influencers out there right now, Influencity has created a list of 10 of them to keep an eye on 2021.

Here is our ranking of 10 of the most well-known virtual influencers on social media:

1. @lilmiquela

Lil Miquela is the profile at the top of our ranking and the most famous example of computer-generated models and influencers who are becoming more and more successful in the networks.

Lil Miquela is the first up on our list and one of the most famous examples of these computer-created models and influencers gaining notoriety on social media. The creation of this American influencer began back in 2016 and as of today Lil has 3M followers on Instagram. Her posts contain anything from fashion to food, dancing to desires, and she’s even released some music tracks. Want to know more? See her full stats here.

2. blawko22

Influencer who collaborates with brands and shows his personal relationships with other influencers.

Blawko is another US virtual influencer on our list, who is a YouTuber as well as having over 100k followers on his Instagram account. His YouTube channel currently has 5000 subscribers, though we’re sure we’ll continue to see it grow. An interesting detail about this character is that he always wears a mask over his mouth and nose and his content reflects his most notable trait: his troubled personality. Like most virtual influencers, he collaborates with brands and flaunts his personal relationships with other influencers. Click here to see his full stats.

3. bermudaisbae

virtual U.S. profile

Bermuda is another profile created in the US and is one of Lil’s best Friends. She has almost 300k followers on Instagram and her content is diverse, though it mainly focuses on Lifestyle. Bermuda shot to fame after the controversy of declaring herself a Trump supporter and is known for her music, her fashion content, and her relationship with other virtual influencers. She describes herself in her bio as “Robot Queen”. Although her life seems perfect, we mustn’t forget that everything she posts is fabricated. Click here to see her  full stats.

4. magazineluiza

Powerful brands collaborate with virtual influencers

This virtual influencer is different to the rest. Lu defines herself as a 3D virtual influencer and is a digital specialist for Brazilian electronics company Magalu. Her posts are about Magalu and other companies she collaborates with, and her profile is massively diverse, full of content about food, fashion, home, pets, sports, beauty and more. This Brazilian influencer currently has 5M followers on her Instagram account. Want to know more? Click here for her full stats.

5. knoxfrost

Well-known virtual influencer

Number five on our list is Knox Frost, a robot who just turned 21 and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Virtual influencers now have such a huge impact that the World Health Organization hired Knox to raise youth awareness of the coronavirus. His content has a street feel and the posts he creates for his almost 1M Instagram followers are often about music. Click here to see his full stats. 

6. shudu.gram

One of the most exotic profiles in this ranking.

Shudu has been the most popular virtual model since 2019. In her bio, she describes herself as “The World’s First Digital Supermodel”. Her dark complexion and legs for days are what make this influencer stand out from the rest and these traits have made her the perfect model for brands who deal mainly in ecommerce. Her personality and more than 200k Instagram followers have seen her hired by  Balmain, Fenty and Tiffany’s amongst many other brands. Want to know more? Click here to see her full stats.

7. amara_gram

Influencer virtual lifestyle

Amara is another virtual influencer dedicated to the world of fashion. In her bio, she describes the ethos of this type of influencer marketing: “Future is Now”. First appearing in 2020, with just 72 posts she has managed to build a community of almost 100k followers, and we’re sure she will continue to be a big hit on Instagram with her mainly fashion and sport-orientated content. Click here to see her  full stats.

8. noonoouri

One of the best-known virtual influencers from Japan

This influencer is different to the rest, but that hasn’t harmed her popularity. Noonoouri is the least realistic of the virtual influencers. This supposedly 19-year-old girl has built up a community of more than 350k followers on her Instagram account and won contracts with huge brands like Dior. Want to know more? Click here for your  full stats.

9. imma.gram

Top profile among virtual influencers

Imma is an exotic and unique Japanese virtual influencer. She has caused a big stir on Instagram and in no time at all has built up a huge audience with more than 300k followers to date.  In her bio, she describes herself as a virtual girl interested in Japanese culture, film and art. Her content is unique and attractive, reflecting her personality and Japanese style combining the looks of a Japanese model and a K-Pop star in her posts. Click here to see her full stats.

10. chasing.laila

Virtual influencer with few followers on Instagram

Laila Blue is a virtual influencer with a lot of promise. Considered to be the first Middle Eastern virtual influencer, she currently has less than 1k followers, though she is likely to be a huge success blazing this trail in that part of the world.  Her catchphrase is “It’s just me, myself and CGI”.

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