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13 min read | September 15, 2018

How to contract influencers for your campaign

Successful influencer marketing campaigns don’t go by unnoticed. Perhaps you’ve already tried to collaborate with influencers to see if the results were as great as they say and it’s possible that your campaign didn’t give you the results you expected.

When it comes to collaborating with influencers who are in popular demand for promotional campaigns with brands, this is a fairly common reality. Some of these influencers simply receive more offers than they can handle, or perhaps their economical expectations are out of reach for smaller brands.

So, if you’re thinking about launching these types of marketing actions, it’s possible that the first obstacle you’ll face is trying to find influencers that are a good match for your brand and who are eager to help you achieve your objectives. It’s also normal to have doubts regarding their audience’s data or past collaborations with other brands.

Mission impossible? Not at all! All of these doubts and more will be resolved in this post, so just keep on reading!

Contracting influencers that are a good match for your brand and who are eager to help you achieve your objectives is the first obstacle you may encounter

Everything you should know before contracting influencers for your marketing campaigns

The reality of contracting influencers for your marketing campaigns is that it can be a very simple or a very complex process, depending on how you want to go about it. Let’s see why.

  • It can be complicated if your doubts are delaying the decision making process and the consequent implementation of your campaign. For example:
    • if you don’t know whether your content is in line with the influencer’s style
    • if you don’t know whether the influencer works with your competition
    • if you don’t know whether they’ll be willing to take on your proposal
  • You may think that contracting a famous youtuber or blogger will boost your brand’s popularity, but if you don’t take into consideration how much they earn, it may be difficult to make them an offer that they will consider.

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Between searching for and selecting influencers, elaborating your proposal and waiting for a response, weeks can go by in which you don’t make any progress with your campaign.

But don’t worry, because here at Influencity, we know a much more simple and practical way to contract influencers which won’t waste a minute of your valuable time.

How to contract an influencer

The most practical way to carry out this process is by using a platform. Why? Because, with a platform, you can solve all of the problems that are delaying your work.

  • First of all, it lets you know from the very beginning which influencers are within your reach and which ones are out of your budget, meaning you’ll save time when elaborating proposals.
  • Furthermore, you can find out all sorts of information regarding an influencer’s audience and the topics they post about and you won’t have any trouble contacting or hearing back from them.

Advice for contracting influencers

We know it’s difficult to allocate part of your budget to contracting someone without knowing just how good the results will be. But to a large extent, your campaign’s success depends largely on whether or not you contract influencers for your marketing actions.

That’s why a platform such as Influencity makes everything easier.

Contracting influencers blindly is an unnecessary risk. Why do this when you can use valuable data to make your decision that much easier? If you’re going to collaborate with influencers, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does this influencer’s public match my target audience?
  • Can we afford their services?
  • Do the influencer’s performance indicators match the objectives I wish to achieve with my campaign?

Still having doubts? Influencity contracts influencers for you

Now you know that there are two ways to go about contracting influencers; the right way and the wrong way. The wrong way, and also the more complicated way, involves you asking yourself thousands of questions and going over data and numbers again and again in order to find the right answer.

Why waste time contrasting data when Influencity’s algorithm can do it in the blink of an eye?

How can we help you with your influencer marketing campaigns?

Influencity has all of the data. For example, in its database, you can find information about how much youtubers, Instagrammers and bloggers earn, as well as information about their fanbase and which influencers have more impact on each social network, all of which is essential for contracting influencers for your campaign.

  • All you have to do is establish the objectives you wish to achieve – that’s it! Our software takes care of everything else, based on your indications.
  • Our software evaluates data without any form of bias. For that reason, it’s much more precise and offers better results.

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Influencity selects the best influencers based on the established parameters and, if the client wishes, our team will take care of everything related to contracting influencers, from managing financial compensation to dealing with the content that is to be published.

Of course, your brand will still have control over what content is published, but you’ll be able to save time on more lengthy tasks such as selecting, contacting and negotiating with influencers. Contracting influencers will no longer be a problem if you do it with Influencity. Find out how other companies such as yours have done so by downloading our Success Case from the Retail Sector.

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